The Future Of Saltwater Based Electrical Energy Storage: Next Generation Saltwater Electrical Energy Storage (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2018)

Dr Thomas Krausse, Managing Director
Bluesky Energy GmbH


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Presentation Summary

Saltwater based electrical energy storage was praised as promising technology until one of the main suppliers filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Many doubted that the technology will succeed afterwards. But quite the opposite happened. Since than substantial progress has been made on the applications and technological side. The safest and most environmental friendly storage technology made improvements on technology, reliability and applicability. What is yet to come and what brings the future for this technology?

Speaker Biography (Thomas Krausse)

Dr. Thomas Krausse, is Managing Director of the energy storage specialist BlueSky Energy and has worked with multiple companies in the past in leading positions. His main focus is on establishing, growing and transforming companies towards a successful future.

Company Profile (Bluesky Energy GmbH)

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BlueSky Energy is a full-service provider for energy storage solutions. With GREENROCK - The Saltwater Energy Storage system- BlueSky Energy offers the safest and most environmentally friendly overall solution for saving electric power. The stationary energy storage solution is based on saltwater technology. The cell is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic and absolutely maintenance-free. Wherever people and animals are around, safety is a big issue. Private homeowners, companies, schools and farms do not want to run any risk of fire or explosion.
Standard storage solutions from 4 kWh to 24 kWh and specially coordinated project solutions up to several hundred kWh are possible with GREENROCK. Energy technicians and installers appreciate the simple plug & play solution of the GREENROCK system.
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