The Next-Generation Lithium-ion Battery: 3D Cell Architecture Increases Energy Density And Improves Safety (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Mr Jerry Hallmark, Senior Director of Engineering
United States


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Presentation Summary

There is an inherent conflict between energy density and safety in conventional Li-ion battery structure, so that improving one usually adversely affects the other. Enovix Corporation has developed a Li-ion battery with 3D cell architecture that improves spatial efficiency, accommodates a high-capacity silicon anode, and reduces the risk of thermal runaway. This significantly increases energy density and improves safety. Enovix will describe its patented 3D cell design its low-cost, high-volume production process.

Speaker Biography (Jerald Hallmark)

Jerry Hallmark, Enovix Senior Director, Product Engineering, leads the engineering team to define, develop, and commercialize the 3D Silicon™ Lithium-ion Battery. Jerry has discovered and commercialized numerous battery technologies. Before joining Enovix, he sourced, tested, qualified, and launched over 25 different custom lithium-ion cells for mobile devices at Motorola, including the RAZR, Moto X, several Droids, and Moto Z. He also led the Motorola power management team. Jerry earned an M.S. in electrical engineering (solid state devices) from Arizona State University and a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Florida. He holds 31 patents.

Company Profile (Enovix)

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California-based Enovix has evolved the Li-ion battery by applying 3D cell architecture to increase energy density and improve safety. Enovix has combined traditional battery production techniques with a high-speed direct assembly process to produces 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery with energy density of 950 Watt-hours per liter (Whr/L) at a cycle life and estimated production cost comparable to a conventional Li-ion battery. With strategic investments and support from industry leaders Cypress Semiconductor, Intel, and Qualcomm, Enovix is enabling engineers and designers to deliver on the promise of an extraordinary mobile future for global consumers.
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