The Nuances Of The Solar Sports Car (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Dr Clint Steele, CO-Founder & CTO
EVX Ventures


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Presentation Summary

A solar car is an example of an energy independent vehicle. Such vehicles will likely have different design challenges and require different design cognition practices: goal setting, framing, systemic thinking and so on. This paper will take the case study of a solar sports car to identify the challenges that will be unique to these vehicles. By then generalising the findings, it will be possible to share insights into the design of energy independent vehicles. This will be foundational knowledge that provides guidance for future research in the energy independent vehicle space and guidelines for those which to enter the same space commercially.

Company Profile (EVX Ventures)

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Founded in 2013, EVX is an Australian private company commercializing solar electric racing technologies.
EVX is currently working on commercializing the world's first solar survivor sports car, the Immortus, as well as associated proprietary technologies from the concurrent engineering R&D platform notably, the hybrid retrofit kit.
The Immortus has been featured in a considerable amount of renowned media publications including Forbes, BBC, Fox News, Yahoo News, Virgin, Fast Company, Discovery News, GQ Magazine, WIRED, IFlScience, ScienceAlert, Digital Trends, Gizmag, Autoblog, Elite Traveler, Green Car Reports, Inhabitat, The Mirror, Baidu &
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