The Race To Embrace Next-Generation Lightweight And Multifunctional Materials In EIEVs (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Dr Richard Collins, Research Director, North America Lead
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

The need for lightweighting is one of the few key automotive advancements that has ICE, energy independent, and electric vehicles all singing from the same hymn sheet; a 10% weight reduction gives you a 7% efficiency improvement, which can be translated directly into range or fuel efficiency.
The turbulence within these markets in highly evident, particularly as legislative demands increase the urgency with which they must be embraced and how true energy independence will surely stall without it. Through extensive technical analysis IDTechEx have a built a global view of lightweight technologies, which includes a wide range of the most cutting-edge lightweight and multifunctional materials. This presentation will highlight the major trends and key areas of innovation within these increasingly significant industries.

Speaker Biography (Richard Collins)

Richard Collins obtained a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford. He worked on the design and synthesis of organometallic catalysts as part of an industrial collaboration in the production of elastomers. Through this Richard has published review and journal articles, contributed towards a patent and presented his research globally at workshops and conferences.
Prior to this Richard obtained a first-class MChem degree also from the University of Oxford. His master's project focussed on the synthesis of biodegradable polymers using abundant non-toxic metal catalysts.

Company Profile (IDTechEx)

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IDTechEx business and technology experts provide international perspective in a diverse range of emerging technologies including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, energy storage, life sciences, printed electronics, IoT and many other topics.
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