The Shift Towards Long-Duration Storage: The Advantages Of Zinc-Based Batteries (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Mr Jim Morgenson, Vice President of Sales


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Presentation Summary

As utilities look for cost-effective and clean alternatives to traditional transmission and distribution investment, stationary storage has become the ideal solution to co-locate generation and load as a means of locational capacity. Mr Jim Morgenson, Vice President of Sales at Eos Energy Storage will examine how grid operators are shifting away from frequency regulation applications to multi-hour storage applications to accommodate the locational capacity use case. He will also discuss the advantages of the zinc hybrid cathode battery chemistry Eos employs, and why it is a viable alternative to incumbent lithium-ion batteries for long-term, grid-scale operation.

Speaker Biography (Jim Morgenson)

Jim Morgenson is currently Vice President of Sales for Eos Energy Storage, the inventor of the Znyth® rechargeable zinc hybrid battery technology and the Eos Aurora DC Battery System, providing 4-hours of locational capacity to safely and cost effectively optimize the grid. Morgenson is responsible for Eos' sales to direct and channel partners including utilities, developers, and Eos Aegis system integrators with a focus to build high valued partnerships that reduce end customer costs and enhance grid performance. Morgenson joined Eos in 2015 after 8 years prior experience in the solar industry with the majority of that time at SMA Solar Technology focusing on utility and commercial solar power plants. Morgenson also spent 23 years with Rockwell Automation, holding increasingly senior-level sales positions, including his final role where he led their global semiconductor and electronics sales vertical. Morgenson received his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Penn State University.

Company Profile (EOS)

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Eos' mission is to deliver energy storage solutions that enable safe, reliable, and affordable electricity for utilities and their customers. Eos produces a long-life, inherently safe, and easy-to-install DC battery system designed for grid-scale as well as commercial and industrial applications. The Eos Aurora® is the lowest cost and highest performance energy storage system designed to optimize grid infrastructure, enhance reliability, and manage peak demand. Eos is located in Edison, NJ, and New York, NY.
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