The Shrinking World: Essentials For Micro Molding (Wearable USA 2018)

Mr Roger Hargens, President & CEO
United States


USA 2018 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

With the pressure on design engineers to deliver smaller, lighter and more cost-effective components many are turning to micro injection molding for support. Challenges often arise when designing for micro molding that can present unforeseen road blocks. Questions like - What is micro molding? How is it different from standard molding? Or, what do I need to know to be successful at molding a micro plastic part? - are commonly asked by engineers. Micro Injection molding Essentials will explore the answers to these and other pertinent questions. Other topics include: design guidelines, understanding the prototyping challenges, and the material selection process for micro molding.

Company Profile (Accumold)

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Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components. Utilizing processes developed from our Micro-Mold® technology, we design, build and produce unique molds and parts efficiently for markets that include Micro Electronics, Medical, Micro Optics, Automotive, and Emerging Technologies.
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