Ton Scale Production Of Graphene And Its Applications On Energy Device And Composite Material (Graphene USA 2017)

Dr Josh Hsieh, R&D Manager
Enerage Inc


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Presentation Summary

The technique present here includes mass production, surface modification and applications of graphene. The production process shows both environmental protective and mass productive ability. The composite materials such as engineering plastics and carbon fiber reinforced plastic have approved the effect of graphene addition and commercialized product has been shown in the market. This means both process and cost issue have been solved for the decades of graphene investigation.

Speaker Biography (Josh Hsieh)

Dr. Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Chemical Engineering Doctor, now is an R&D manager in Enerage Inc. which is a company specialized in graphene production and application in Taiwan. He got his Ph.D. degree at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. He joined Enerage Inc. in 2007 and started graphene research since 2010. So far, he has owned over 30 patents worldwide and 6 research paper regarding graphene. He is also an adjunct assistant professor in department of materials science and engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Company Profile (Enerage Inc)

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Enerage Inc., funded since 2004 and located in Taiwan, constitutes members in material and chemical engineering focusing on graphene and alternative energy materials. Enerage has acquired more than 30 patents worldwide about graphene and owned the brand name "Graphage" of a trade mark to promote graphene. Besides competitive cost graphene, Enerage also provides customerized graphene products to meet clients' demand.
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