Toward Autonomy: The People, Process And Technology Challenges (Internet of Things Applications USA 2018)

Dr Irene Petrick, Director of Industrial Innovation
Intel Industrial & Energy Solutions Division, IOT Group
United States


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Presentation Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises huge in-process savings through transparency, higher yields through real-time monitoring and control, and back end savings as manufacturers migrate toward autonomous operations. But what does this all mean, and how do manufacturers prepare for these new opportunities? Companies hoping to achieve this Industry 4.0 level of manufacturing operation must address some important issues (1) how to build data driven thinking within the workforce; (2) how to identify goals for AI and then link these to the compute architecture; and (3) how to jump the ambition to execution gap? The challenge is a system of systems problem. It involves people, processes and technologies and no single vector will be sufficient for success.

Speaker Biography (Irene Petrick)

Irene J. Petrick joined Intel's Internet of Things Group as a business strategist in 2015. She is a former Penn State University professor and managing director of TrendScape Innovation Group. She has been actively engaged with companies in their innovation and technology strategy activities, including work with Fortune 100 companies, the US military, and a wide variety of small to medium-sized enterprises. She has over 25 years of experience in technology planning, management, and product development in both academic and industrial settings. Her research interests include technology forecasting, collaborative innovation, and business ecosystem development. Irene is author or coauthor of more than 150 publications and presentations.

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