Towards Integrating Electronics in 3D Printed Parts (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Dr Wijnand Germs, Program Manager
Mr Richard Janssen, Business Development Manager-Additive Manufacturing
Brightlands Materials Center


Europe 2018 Presentation - AMSYSTEMS*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - AMSYSTEMS*

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Presentation Summary

In this presentation we will show developments from two TNO joint innovation centers - AMSYSTEMS Center and Brightlands Materials Center - on using additive manufacturing to create integrated electronics 3D printed parts.
Combining 3D printing techniques with technologies from flexible electronics, creates a new manufacturing paradigm for small series free form products. This increases flexibility, enables customization and decreases costs for small series production. With Stereo Lithography the highest quality 3D products can be manufactured. We will show our steady advancement and developed equipment for this integration challenge.
A second development concentrates on using a multimaterial approach to integrate new performance such as sensing or electric functionality directly into printed parts by using advanced material systems. Additive manufacturing of such multimaterial systems gives designers the tools and freedom to design innovative electronic objects that cannot be produced through conventional means. In our presentation we will give some examples of integrated electronics and multimaterials systems and their potential.

Speaker Biography (Wijnand Germs)

Wijnand Germs works as the program manager 3D Printed Structural Electronics at the department Equipment for Additive Manufacturing at TNO. He has a PhD degree in Applied Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology, and worked as a process engineer in the aluminum industry, before joining TNO as a research scientist, where he worked mostly on multimaterial 3D printing. Since April 2016 he fully spends his time on project management.

Company Profile (AMSYSTEMS Center)

AMSYSTEMS Center logo
The AMSYSTEMS Center is a joint innovation center (TNO and TU/e High Tech Systems Center) to develop the next generation additive manufacturing production equipment for smart, personalized and multi-functional products.
Additive manufacturing (AM) concerns methods whereby products are produced layer by layer, such as 3D-printing. The center targets high-tech, free form electronics, 3D printed food and pharma applications with spin-off to other markets that require personalized, customized, on-demand manufacturing.
The AMSYSTEMS Center focuses on development of new multi-material/multi-technology concepts for additive manufacturing and the integration of these technologies in mass-customization production chains, making it an integral part of a 'next generation industry' approach. The center stimulates the co-creation of ecosystems around new AM equipment concepts, organized in shared research innovation programs. Next generation AM equipment challenges are addressed, creating benefit for companies along the value chain.
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Company Profile (Brightlands Materials Center)

The heart of Brightlands Materials Center is an evolving ecosystem where scientific excellence, innovative applications and societal challenges come together.
Brightlands Materials Center offers a meeting place at Brightlands Chemelot Campus and close collaboration with a global network of leading companies along the value chain and renowned universities and institutes.
The themes of research address major societal challenges such as sustainable energy, mobility, and health & well-being. Three shared research programs are currently running:
• Lightweight Automotive
• Sustainable Buildings
• Additive Manufacturing
Managing directors of Brightlands Materials Center are Marnix van Gurp and Peter Wolfs. For more information about Brightlands Materials Center, please visit the company website.
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