Transcending 3D Printing (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Mr Jonathan Rowley, Design Director
Digits2Widgets (D2W)
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - Digits2Widgets (D2W)*

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Presentation Summary

Shouting 3D Printing
Any objects that proclaim their value solely through their method of manufacture, are invariably deficient in many important aspects. This is true of most 3D Printing "stories."
Whispering 3D Printing
The best examples of 3D Printing are virtually silent about how they are made and simply express their value in their own right. These discreet applications are often relatively subtle and really much more interesting.
Through a series of case studies that illustrate beautiful, valuable and purposeful objects produced involving a variety of 3D printing processes, Jonathan Rowley of D2W will demonstrate how people who understand how to make valuable things, are using the technology to brilliant effect.

Speaker Biography (Jonathan Rowley)

Jonathan Rowley is Design Director of Digits2Widgets, a Central London based 3d printing studio.
A qualified Architect, he joined Digits2Widgets at the end of 2011 in order to provide a bespoke 3d printing service utilising industrial 3d printing technology to all branches and all levels of design and manufacturing.

Company Profile (Digits2Widgets (D2W))

Digits2Widgets (D2W) logo
Digits2Widgets are more than a 3D printing bureau. With current inflated expectations of 3D printing, they encourage clients to consult with them prior to printing anything, in order to ensure that the best possible result is achieved first time.
All of the staff are 3D printing experts, but also come from a broad range of design backgrounds, so they can understand your objectives and advise on the most appropriate technologies, materials and any design modifications that will best suit your project. Their aim is to help clients make digital design and 3D printing technologies most purposeful, today.
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