Transforming The Build Environment With SmartWindows, Power And Data Generating Glass (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Pim Rutgers, Head of Smart Development


Europe 2018 Presentation - PHYSEE*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - PHYSEE*

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Presentation Summary

Due to urbanization and ongoing city growth, the need for healthy sustainable buildings is bigger than ever. We need to find a modular stand-alone solution to reduce energy consumption while optimizing the internal climate. Generating and using power locally while using data to optimize cooling and heating is the future. As cities become smarter, so must our grid and our power usage.

Speaker Biography (Pim Rutgers)

Pim Rutgers leads the Smart Development department at PHYSEE. He is responsible for all hardware and software development, ranging from implementing custom designed maximum power point tracking electronics to developing the that showcases all data generated by PHYSEE clients. With his deep technical knowledge and creative vision he has already launched several successful projects within PHYSEE.

Company Profile (PHYSEE)

PHYSEE developed the world's first fully transparent electricity and data generating windows: PowerWindow and SmartWindow. With locally generated energy and data, our products can reduce energy consumption up to 15%. Functioning as the membrane between the outside and internal environment, we can provide crucial information to building management systems and use smart algorithms to optimize the air and light quality of your building.
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