Turning Human Interactions With Conductive Material Into Sound And Music (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Mr Sasha Pas, Founder


Europe 2017 Presentation - Playtronica*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Playtronica*

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Presentation Summary

Our work with conductive materials, ink included, is focused on creating new interactive experiences with various objects from our everyday life. In this presentation we will share with you some of the projects from our portfolio of more than 200 interactive workshops for kids and adults, dozens of installations and playgrounds for museums and festivals. We will talk about how adding audial and tactile stimulus can be used to increase the emotional impact of an event and of the whole experience in general.

Speaker Biography (Sasha Pas)

Sasha Pas is a founder and leading partner of Playtronica, product and experience design company located in Moscow, Russia. Before founding Playtronica, he studied at University of Catalonia (UIC, Barcelona) where he researched various applications of interactive technologies in music education. Creative practice at Playtronica builds on Sasha's research and is focused on creating interactive immersive experiences and products across different platforms. Sasha is also a creative producer of a theater production company Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes, where he finds various application for interactive technologies and immersive experience techniques.

Company Profile (Playtronica)

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Playtronica is a platform that bridges entertainment, education and art through interactive musical experiences. It is an open-source toolkit for creating immersive sensory interactions.
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