Ultra Fast Battery Charging With Minimal Cycle Life Degradation (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Mr Nick Sherstyuk, CTO


USA 2017 Presentation - GBatteries*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - GBatteries*

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Presentation Summary

The need for battery operated devices to charge faster, and use longer lasting batteries has never been higher. GBatteries' Active Battery Management System (ActiveBMS) enables li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast while retaining long cycle life. ActiveBMS is a charging protocol that significantly improves battery performance without altering its chemistry or manufacturing process. The technology is designed to prevent damage (i.e. SEI layer growth, temperature rise, anode cracking) to the cell in real-time. In particular ActiveBMS enables high energy density batteries to achieve 5 min to 50%, 10 min to 80% and 30 min to 100% charge, with the cycle life surpassing the manufacturer's rating.

Speaker Biography (Nick Sherstyuk)

Nick has 30+ years experience in mixed signal circuit and power management system design. He invented the Active BatteryManagement System, participated in the design and field deployment of multiple mass produced electronic control, data acquisition and battery management systems, as well as participated in several major corporate patent licensing campaigns.

Company Profile (GBatteries)

GBatteries is an advanced battery technology company located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. They are on a mission to charge electric vehicles as fast as it takes to fill a tank of gas, with the goal of accelerating the global adoption of electric vehicles by improving charge time. GBatteries has the only demonstrated technology capable of ultra-fast charging lithium-ion batteries (50% in 5 minutes, 100% in ~10 minutes) without compromising battery life or changing the chemistry. Although they are primarily focused on electric vehicles, the technology has applications ranging from smart watches to power tools to drones.
GBatteries Website: https://www.gbatteries.com/
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