Use Cases In Continuous In-Ear-Vital Signs Monitoring (Wearable Europe 2018)

Dr Johannes Kreuzer, CEO


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Presentation Summary

What are the advantages of evidence based mobile health solutions?
Health is the most important factor for people to bring the best performance they can, at work, during competitions or in daily life. Different use cases will show where the usage of high precision vital signs data is able to create major advantages. What are advantages for fire workers, Formula 1 pilots and triathletes? How can a parent gain individual and relevant insights into the health of his child?

Speaker Biography (Johannes Kreuzer)

Dr. Johannes Kreuzer studied electronic engineering at the Technical University of Munich from 2000-2005. Topic of his PhD was vital signs monitoring in daily life. During university time and later, he worked for companies like Epcos, EADS, Airbus, Daimler and Pilatus. Together with his wife Greta he founded the company cosinuss° end of 2011. cosinuss° is a technology company based in Munich and specialized on in-ear vital signs monitoring for sports, medicine and workers safety.

Company Profile (cosinuss°)

cosinuss° logo
cosinuss° is opening the Stargate to Your Health
cosinuss° develops first-in-class wearable sensors that continuously capture several vital signs in the ear. Based in Munich, Germany, cosinuss° is providing mobile sensor technologies for sports, health care and safety applications. cosinuss° One is the first product in sports enabling athletes to monitor not only their heart rate but also their heart rate variability and body temperature.
degree° is the first product in home health challenging the status quo by enabling a continuous and accurate body temperature monitoring during fever.
Several applications in workers safety like fire fighters, stress monitoring or continuous fatigue detection are showing additional use cases.
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