Virtual, Augmented And Mixed Reality In Healthcare (Wearable USA 2017)

Ms Cynthia Galvez-Lopez, R&D Manager


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Exovite*

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Speaker Biography (Cynthia Galvez-Lopez)

Cynthia connects her two passions, technology and design, 4 years ago and she specializes in the augmented reality (AR) field, developing her own AR technology as a Final Degree Project. This project was about innovative and educational application for persons with disabilities, even she won some recognitions and awards. Cynthia is R&D Manager in Exovite and she developes mixed reality projects through HoloLens for healthcare. In addition, she always is looking for the best way for offer the great patient experience. Cynthia is the manager and developer of the project Holosurg, the system of holographic pannels with information about the patient for sugery. Holosurg was used in a real surgery for remove a malignal muscle tumour, last April in Madrid, Spain.

Company Profile (Exovite)

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EXOVITE is a pioneer in the field of tele-RHB, eHealth and mHealth, that promotes technological innovation in tools and medical procedures. EXOVITE was born with the aim to both optimize medical treatments and improve quality life of patients during the healing process. We are trying to solve the gap existing on the market between healthcare and technology. Our purpose is making technological innovations closer to healthcare in order to improve the health services offered to patients. At the end, this nearness will improve both success on procedures and comfort during the healing process. In addition, Exovite is developing new projects with HoloLens (mixed reality technology), such as HoloSurg, a system of interactive "holographic" panels to allow surgeons to access, consult and handle patients' clinical and radiological records in real time. Gregorio Marañon hospital from Spain implemented the first surgical procedure using HoloSurg last April. With more than 20 international awards and recognitions, Exovite has just been chosen as one of the 50 most technological startups in the world by TiE Silicon Valley, is Microsoft's partner through the program To Bizspark Plus and has been graded in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Batch # 5 program in Israel.
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