Visions In VR: Industry Insights Into The Creative Landscape. (Wearable Europe 2017)

Mr Erdi Ekmekci, Producer
Mr Emilio Larocca Conte, Founder
Nilasphere UG


Europe 2017 Presentation - Nilasphere*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Nilasphere*

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Presentation Summary

Technology has rocked creative industries over the last 20 years.
The Virtual Reality Renaissance is now happening while the whole Entertainment industry is facing the consequences of a democratised and marketing-oriented business model for the creative process entailing the devaluation of content. Cross-media projects, crowdsourcing and immersive user interfaces will be key features for VR to have a consistent role in the next-generation Entertainment.

Speaker Biography (Erdi Ekmekci)

Erdi Ekmekci is a veteran producer and hardcore gamer with a multi-faceted media and game business background, strong project management expertise and bullet-proof art production knowledge. He led teams in online platforms and outsourced graphics for well-estabilished german companies like Wooga and Bigpoint, being rensponsible for all the main decisions regarding design, evaluation, monetization, improvements.

Speaker Biography (Emilio Larocca Conte)

Emilio Larocca Conte is a full-range musician and creative strategist born in Italy. Specialised in soundtracks for horror and sci-fi movies, he wrote music for titles awarded in festivals such as Cannes and Venice as well as horror conventions in US. In 2013 he founded the cross-media project Slow Wave Sleep and he's also session and line-up guitar player in several projects.

Company Profile (Nilasphere)

Nilasphere logo
Nilasphere UG i.G. is a startup formed to produce and shape the next-generation entertainment. We are targeting to systematically building a true global creative company in the time of maturing global entertainment market and shift to VR & AR immersive storytelling, based on what people need in order to nurture their deepest emotions and talents.
Our main goal is to create content where individual talent, communities, art forms and technology fuse in a unique symbolic experience: the Planet of Creators.
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