What Is Right For Your IoT/Wearable Product - Making Sense Of The Wireless Power Alphabet Soup (Energy Harvesting USA 2017)

Dr Vinit Singh, Founder
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - SquareTrail*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - SquareTrail*

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Presentation Summary

According to Intel, 50 billion connected devices and 200 billion connected sensors are expected by 2020. While 5G will be the lifeblood of the network, Wireless Power (WP) has the potential to ensure absolute virtual connectivity with ZERO physical connectivity.
While every device may not be 100% untethered, there exists a technological and a business case to include WP in a range of applications. Connected devices - such as an Industry IoT sensor, body-wearable or even an automobile - can benefit from the advantages of WP, i.e. reliability, ruggedness, convenience, better aesthetics and a reduction in cost of ownership. In some cases, for example an implanted wearable or a remote IoT sensor, WP can also be an enabler.
There are several mechanisms of Wireless Power, each with its unique characteristics. In this presentation, Vinit will describe the mechanisms, with focus on Near Field Magnetic Coupling. This discussion will be particularly useful for a technology or a product manager evaluating the feasibility and timing of their WP-enabled products.

Speaker Biography (Vinit Singh)

Dr. Vinit Singh is the Founder of SquareTrail, a Technology Strategy & Engineering firm. SquareTrail enables its customers to reduce cost and time-to-development of products that include Wireless Power and Low Data-Rate Communications. He also sits on the AirFuel Alliance committee that is developing the wireless charging specification for low power wearable devices.
Until June 2017, Singh was the Chief Technology Officer at NuCurrent, a leader of thin, printed wireless power transfer solutions. He developed NuCurrent's fundamental technology and knowhow, and guided its technology focus, IP leadership efforts, product development roadmap and customer engagement.
Prior to that he architected the company's pivot from medical devices into wireless power, raised venture capital and grew the engineering team by 10x to transform an innovation into a product.
Singh helped NuCurrent develop a portfolio of over 65 patents granted or pending worldwide, leading to NuCurrent being named No. 1 on 2015 Crain's Chicago Business Eureka Index with the highest per-capita patent output of any company in Illinois. The company was also listed in the top 10 percent overall in
patent quality score.
He has twice been named a ITA CityLIGHTS Awards "Technologist of the Year" Finalist, which honors individuals whose innovation and success drive growth in the technology industry and in Illinois. He designed and helped productize a printed resonator for the world's first FCC-certified AirFuel-Resonance
product, which was awarded the Flexi Product Innovation award by the FlexTech Alliance in 2017.
A thought leader in wireless power, he has given several invited presentations, including as the keynote, at academic and industry conferences organized by IEEE, Battery Power, Ansys, etc. He has authored over 30 articles in publications ranging from multiple IEEE journals to digital industry publications such
as WDD, EDN, Electronic Design and Electronics Cooling.
Singh received his BS from Indian Institute of Technology and PhD in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. While attending the university, he developed wireless telemetry systems for the world's first Artificial Retina Implant, which was recognized as a 2009 R&D 100 award winner.
Vinit considers himself an accidental entrepreneur, a quarter-proficient guitar player, and an avid player of any sport that involves a racket or a cricket bat. He believes that every manager should read the book "Thinking Fast and Slow" to understand that everyone has unrecognized predispositions that could lead
them to make sub-optimal decisions. He lives in Austin with his wife and daughter.

Company Profile (SquareTrail)

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SquareTrail was founded in 2017 as a Technology Strategy & Engineering firm. It enables its customers to reduce cost and time-to-development of Connectivity products that include Wireless Power and Low Data-Rate Communications. It also helps customers make investment decisions in the areas of IoT and wireless power.
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