Enter the IDTechEx Show! Awards and celebrate your achievements

Enter the IDTechEx Show! Awards and celebrate your achievements
The IDTechEx Show! which will be held on November 16 - 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, will showcase the latest technology needs and advancements to over 3,000 attendees. The technologies covered include flexible and hybrid electronics; wearable technology; 3D printing; sensors; graphene; Internet of Things; energy harvesting, energy storage; and electric vehicles. Each of these is a two-day executive conference, co-located with a common exhibition of over 200 exhibitors.
The IDTechEx Awards are an important part of this event and recognize company development and successes within the above technologies. The closing date for submissions is October 7, further information can be found here
You can enter one of the following categories:
  • Technical Development Manufacturing
  • Technical Development Materials
  • Best Academic R&D
  • Best Product
Wearable Awards
  • Best New Material or Component Development
  • Best New Wearable Technology Device
Energy Harvesting Awards
  • Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting
Energy Storage Awards
  • Best Technical Development within Energy Storage
Electric Vehicles Awards
  • Most significant innovation
  • Most impressive new company
IoT Awards
  • Best IoT Technology Development
3D Printing Awards
  • Best Development in 3D Printing
Hear below from some of our past winners:
"We are truly honoured to win the IDTechEx award for Manufacturing. There is no better validation for your efforts than recognition by your industry and peers." Kent Displays
"We were overjoyed to win the IDTechEx Award in for 3D Innovation. This award has meant more to us because it was chosen by industry experts who have recognised the technical achievement." Photocentric
"We are very happy to have received the IDTechEx Technical Development Award. The appreciation of this hard work by IDTechEx as a leading market and business research institute is a major honour for BASF." BASF
"This award is a great achievement for us and recognizes our efforts and vision. Being awarded this by IDTechEx, a top international research institute, means we are even more committed to pursuing our goal to bring electric vehicles to the market." Energica