IDTechEx: 10 Years of Excellence

IDTechEx: 10 Years of Excellence
IDTechEx recently celebrated its tenth year of business. Since its inception in 1999, IDTechEx revenues have grown organically each consecutive year, resulting in a multi-million dollar business with staff in the US, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Poland and Japan. The company has made a profit each year and in 2008 served customers in over 40 countries.
IDTechEx was founded by Dr Peter Harrop, previously the Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, a business he took from negligible sales and an operating loss to over $280 million in sales which was subsequently sold for $500 million. Originally a research analyst, events and consulting company in RFID, IDTechEx has moved into allied enabling technologies including printed electronics, energy harvesting, photovoltaics, electric vehicles and smart packaging. IDTechEx hosts only events on topics it is an expert in and works hard to lead the field in all these technology sectors.
Extensive global travel, multi lingual staff and enthusiasm of seeing the benefits of these technologies realized has enabled IDTechEx to educate and steer company policy for clients ranging from bluechips to start-ups around the world. IDTechEx also hosts annual events in three continents each year, some of which are multilingual, and which are the largest in their field. In 2006, IDTechEx won the prestigious Queen's Award for International Trade in the UK, for trebling export sales in three years.
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, commented "With so much happening in printed electronics and other sectors, we have strived to provide our clients unique value by interpreting global information and trends upon which they base their strategies on. These technologies are creating billion dollar markets and we take great delight in assessing these opportunities and issues for our clients."
Dr Peter Harrop comments, "On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of IDTechEx may I thank all our customers that have made it all possible. We were fortunate in choosing a sound business model at the start and this still serves us well today, as we continue to grow. At first it was small companies wanting to know how to sell their inventions and a few large companies wanting to know what is was all about. Nowadays, even larger companies such as Unilever commission us to initiate and progress major applications, which is good news for everyone other than their more sleepy competitors. Nevertheless, we continue to be delighted to serve organizations of all sizes and we even let start-ups exhibit at our events at very special rates. Good luck in all that you do. We shall do all we can to help your dreams to come true."
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