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Founded in 1907 and consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Imperial has around 12,000 full-time students coming from 123 countries, with approximately 4,000 involved in taught or research based postgraduate studies. Imperial is divided into 3 faculties and a business school.
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Centre for Plastic Electronics
3 May 2024


Adaptavate focuses on producing climate-friendly building materials: plasterboard and plaster. The company was featured in the Innovation Gallery at Innovation Zero 2024.
3 Jan 2024

Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy produces bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, leveraging manufacturing techniques typically seen in the printed circuit board industry. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Carsten Pohlmann (Business Development Director)
10 Nov 2023


Seratech is a research and development company specialising in CCMU (carbon capture mineralization and utilization).
3 Oct 2023


Arborea is a sustainable food company using algae and CO₂ to produce protein. In September 2023, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Eve Pope spoke to CCO Paul Schierz.
11 Aug 2023

Breathe Battery Technologies

Breathe Battery Technologies are a UK company developing software for battery management systems.
14 Jul 2023

RFC Power

RFC Power is a redox flow battery (RFB) developer in the UK. The company is currently developing hydrogen-manganese RFBs.
2 May 2023


Early-stage London-based company using AI to perform marker-less motion capture with as little as two iPhones or other cameras. Its tracking can compare favorably to optical tracking using multimillion dollar setups. IDTechEx met representatives from the company at Laval Virtual 2023.
3 Apr 2023

Ceres Power

Ceres Power are a UK-based company, developing technologies for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). IDTechEx spoke with Huntly Thomas (Senior Principal Systems Engineer).
22 Mar 2023


ProtonDx is a start-up biotech company developing a molecular diagnostics platform for point-of-care testing.
20 Jan 2023

Silver Power Systems

Silver Power Systems specialises in vehicle and battery monitoring services, using machine learning, IoT, digital twins, and physics-based models.
27 Dec 2022

Brill Power

Brill Power is an Oxford University spinout/startup that develops and supplies battery management systems (BMS) for stationary storage, electric vehicles, and second life batteries.
28 Nov 2022

Walk With Path

Walk With Path is a developer and manufacturer of walking aids and smart insoles, with a focus on improving mobility for people suffering from chronic conditions. The company's core product is a smart insole, which connects to the company's proprietary app. IDTechEx spoke with Lise Pape, Founder and Managing Director of Walk With Path.
26 Oct 2022

The Surgical Company

The Surgical Company makes Sensium, a wireless patient monitoring system with electronic skin patches.
10 Oct 2022

Seaweed-Based Battery Powers Confidence in Sustainable Energy Storage

A research team uses nanomaterials made from seaweed to create a strong battery separator, paving the way for greener and more efficient energy storage.
30 Sep 2022

Wearable Sensors Styled into T-Shirts and Face Masks

Researchers have embedded new low-cost sensors that monitor breathing, heart rate, and ammonia into t-shirts and face masks. Potential applications range from monitoring exercise, sleep, and stress to diagnosing and monitoring disease through breath and vital signs.
26 Sep 2022

3D Printing Drones Build and Repair Structures While Flying

3D printing is gaining momentum in the construction industry. Both on-site and in the factory, static and mobile robots print materials for use in construction projects, such as steel and concrete structures. This new approach to 3D printing uses drones, that use collective building methods inspired by natural builders like bees and wasps who work together to create large, intricate structures.
7 Sep 2022

IONETIC Reveals EV Battery Pack Technology

IONETIC launches its state-of-the-art EV battery pack design platform, which can cut the development cost and time for automotive manufacturers bringing a new electric vehicle to market.
29 Jul 2022

Wearable to Detect COVID-19 Before Onset of Symptoms

Wrist-worn health devices can be combined with machine learning to detect COVID-19 infections as early as two days before symptoms appear,
25 Apr 2022

Cheaper Solar Cells Could be on the Way

New solar cell devices that are cheaper and easier to make could soon make their way to market thanks to materials. Traditional solar cells are made from silicon, which has good efficiency and stability, but is relatively expensive to make and can only be manufactured in stiff panels. Perovskite solar cells offer an intriguing alternative; they can be printed from inks, making them low cost, high efficiency, thin, lightweight and flexible.
29 Mar 2022

Highlights from the Future Propulsion Conference 2022

IDTechEx attended the Future Propulsion Conference in Birmingham, UK, a two day conference held on the 2nd and 3rd March 2022. The event was co-hosted by AVL Powertrain UK and Imperial College London, bringing together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. This article presents highlights from the conference presentations. Conference speakers included Ballard Motive Systems, Changan UK, CNH Industrial, Leyland Trucks, JCB, FEV, Cummins, and Ricardo.