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Continuous Composites

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Owning the earliest patent on 3D printing continuous fibers; our technology, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D™), constitutes a fundamental shift in the manufacturing process of Advanced Composite Materials (ACM). Our technology leverages rapid curing resins paired with continuous fibers creating a moldless, Out of Autoclave (OOA) composite manufacturing process. CF3D™ can also embed functionality with fiber optics and copper wires creating a part that can sense and react to environmental stimuli.
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Continuous Composites
8 Jan 2024

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Continuous Composites

Continuous Composites is a start-up company that work on continuous fiber 3D printing with a thermoset resin.
29 Nov 2018

Continuous Composites

Update from IDTechEx Show! USA 2018
20 Nov 2018


Print a continuous fiber in a thermoset resin. They can also include conductive or fibre optic cables through their print head.
15 Nov 2018

The Future Of Manufacturing: Continuous Fiber 3D Printing

Continuous Composites, United States
16 Aug 2018

Mantis Composites

Use thermoset resins and UV curing. Early-stage, but similarly have reported high strength performance and targeting aerospace. Looking to install machines and license software. Claim to have a very large IP portfolio
16 Aug 2018

Continuous Composites

Continuous Composites has developed a continuous fiber 3D Printing (CF3D) process. Tyler Alvarado (CEO) spoke with technology analyst Dr Richard Collins.
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