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Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered in Israel. The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean waves and converting it into electricity.
The EWP wave energy converter is a robust and inexpensive technology to harvest wave energy from high and low waves, while offering technical advantages over competing systems.
Our system is being developed to produce electricity for cheaper price then coal, natural gas, onshore wind, Solar, or any other Green energy technologies. This will be achieved by using low cost materials, low maintenance prices and periods still yielding long life expectancies.
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Eco Wave Power
5 Aug 2022

Eco Wave Power Commences Test Runs of its Newest EWP-EDF Project

Eco Wave Power Global has officially commenced test runs of its newly installed wave energy pilot project at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel.
12 Apr 2022

Eco Wave Power to Construct 2MW Wave Energy Power Station in Spain

Eco Wave Power Global AB has entered an official agreement with Port Adriano, Spain, for the potential construction of a wave energy power plant of up to 2MW. The agreement expands Eco Wave Power's presence in Europe and will help Spain achieve its aggressive goals for renewable power, leveraging its significant coastline capacity.
24 Feb 2022

Eco Wave Power Finalises Production of Floater Units for Port Jaffa

The floaters were delivered and are being installed. The project's next steps are the installation of all 10 floater units, a test run in real conditions and the official connection of the power station to the grid. The system functionality and capacity tests are expected to be conducted by the end of the second quarter of this year.
24 Jan 2022

Eco Wave Power Enters into Collaboration Agreement with AltaSea

Eco Wave Power will work with AltaSea, a nonprofit that accelerates scientific collaboration and advances an emerging blue economy, to locate and submit grants to implement Eco Wave Power's technology.
24 Jan 2022

Legislation Initiative Announced to Bolster Wave Energy in New Jersey

New legislation initiative to bolster wave energy as the next, up-and-coming renewable energy source. Recognizing this technology's incredible potential, the state can aim to include wave energy in its Energy Master Plan and develop a streamlined process for its deployment along New Jersey's coast. This action will help New Jersey become the first US state or territory to have a commercial wave energy proof of concept.
14 Jan 2022

Eco Wave Power and Ocean Power Technologies Announce Collaboration

Eco Wave Power Global AB and Ocean Power Technologies Inc announced today they are working to utilize their complementary technologies and skills to accelerate wave energy projects pursuant to an agreement previously signed.
12 Oct 2021

Commercialization of Eco Wave Power's Technology in China

Eco Wave Power Global AB announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with CIMC Offshore Engineering Institute Co Ltd. The parties would work towards the promotion of a pilot plant in China based on Eco Wave Power's technology and explore possibilities for offshore application of the Eco Wave Power technology.
5 Oct 2021

Agreement for Production of Floaters for the EWP EDF One Project

Eco Wave Power Global AB announces today that a collaboration agreement was signed with the publicly traded company Lesico Ltd for the production of 8 floaters for the EWP EDF One project in Israel, through its subsidiary EDF EWP One Ltd.
18 Aug 2021

Collaboration Between Eco Wave Power, Israeli Ministry of Defense

Today, Eco Wave Power Global AB has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Procurement Administration in the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the Israeli Navy to examine the feasibility of installing the Eco Wave Power technology in the Bases of the Navy.
1 Oct 2018

Diesel Generator Set Future Developments and Alternative Technologies 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report:
30 Aug 2018

Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power is an Israeli start-up technology company with a unique approach to wave energy generation that has seen them make great strides within a field that has been slow to develop. IDTechEx spoke with Eco Wave Power's Business Development Manager Yair Rudick to find out more about their current activities and future plans.
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15 May 2012

Wave Energy Generation Difficulties Solved by Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power, Israel