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Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
15 Mar 2022

Elaphe: In-wheel Motors to Increase Drive Cycle Efficiency

IDTechEx caught up with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, an electric motor manufacturer for electric vehicles based in Slovenia. Elaphe has deep expertise across all motor technologies, but today is best known for its direct-drive in-wheel motor solutions. IDTechEx learned that Elaphe is at the start of an anticipated high growth phase, with plans to bring a highly efficient in-wheel motor solution to the market as automakers look to lessen their reliance on expensive batteries.
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21 Jun 2021

Elaphe (2021)

Elaphe is a start-up based out of Slovenia making in-wheel motors primarily for automotive applications. IDTechEx caught up with Luka Ambrozic, Chief Marketing Officer at Elaphe.
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1 Sep 2019

Elaphe (2019)

A full profile of Elaphe Technologies, conducted by IDTechEx's Dr Peter Harrop.
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14 Jul 2017

Probably the most performant in-wheel powered car in history

Elaphe decided to put this to the test and raced it against its original diesel counterpart. They also tried something new to showcase the raw torque performance of Elaphe in-wheel technology and raced against a production electric car. In reverse.
28 Apr 2017

Elaphe presents leading in-wheel technology

As in-wheel motors are becoming an increasingly hot topic, Elaphe introduced its leading in-wheel technology to local and international automotive audience at the 2017 Shanghai motor show.