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Let GE Global Research's Material Characterization team solve your most pressing material and project issues. We offer a wide range of analysis capabilities for metals, ceramics, and composites to polymers, chemical and natural materials. We can support material forensics, method origination, and supply chain solutions for your business. The team can apply over 50 characterization techniques and 1000+ unique methods to make sure materials meet customer defined criteria. Reach out to us today at:
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GE Global Research
24 Feb 2020

Enabling Point of Care Diagnostics and Continuous Monitoring

Healthcare Sensor Innovations North America debut on Marc, 17-18, 2020 in San Jose, USA will focus on the latest developments in the use of wearables and sensors in point of care diagnostics and continuous monitoring.
11 Feb 2020

Keynote Speakers Announced for Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020

The Healthcare Sensor Innovations conference will focus on the latest developments in the use of wearables and sensors in continuous monitoring of individuals and point-of-care diagnostics.
1 Oct 2018

Neuromodulation technology to treat Diabetes

Could non-invasive devices replace drugs and regular insulin injections in the future treatment of diabetes? This is a central question a team of scientists are exploring as part of a research project worth up to $2.9 million.
6 Sep 2018

Structural Health Monitoring for Transportation: Technologies Explored

In nearly every sector the progression away from "dumb" structural materials is evident.
17 Jul 2018

Strengthening US manufacturing using advanced robotics

The project focuses on advanced robotics manufacturing and will develop an operator-guided, semi-automatic assembly process using industrial robots integrated with multiple sensors.
19 Feb 2018

GE Global Research

GE Global Research presented their work producing a wearable sensor for monitoring hydration. IDTechEx attended their presentation at 2018FLEX in Monterey, CA.
Included are:
2 Feb 2016

Consortium aims to set new standards for 3D printing files

The 3MF Consortium, an industry association created to develop and promote a new full-fidelity file format for 3D printing, has announced that GE Global Research has joined at the Founding membership level.
21 Dec 2015

Printed sensors: the key trends of 2015

As part of our coverage of printed electronics, IDTechEx has been following the development of printed and flexible sensors. In this article we look back at the most important trends of 2015.
6 Mar 2015

2015 FLEXTECH Conference

March 5, 2015 - San Jose, Calif. - 2015FLEX, the Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition, successfully revealed the market pull for flexible electronics through keynote plenaries and focused technical sessions, while exhibits on the show floor attracted numerous end users. Held on February 23-26, 2015 - and for the first time at the Monterey, Calif. Conference Center - 580+ registrants saw first-hand demonstrations of end products, as well as new manufacturing tools and materials. The Flex Conference is sponsored annually by FlexTech Alliance.
24 Dec 2014

Intelligent charging system could protect EV owners

A recent pilot project in New York City looked for an intelligent way to charge large numbers of electric delivery trucks at the lowest cost without straining the local grid and infrastructure.
26 Sep 2013

Water a possible key to energy storage for electric vehicles

scientists from GE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) may have just the recipe for next-generation electric vehicle (EV) batteries that achieve desired driving range and cost for consumers.
6 Sep 2013

Just add water: possible key to energy storage for electric vehicles

A water-based, flow battery capable of more than just traditional, stationary energy storage.
21 Dec 2012

GE Demonstrates Battery Dominant Fuel Cell Bus

Researchers at GE Global Research have achieved a first step in reducing the cost of clean fuel, zero emission buses, with a vehicle powered by GE's new Durathon battery in tandem with a lithium battery and a hydrogen fuel cell.
5 Dec 2012

OLEDs for Lighting Application

GE Global Research, United States
31 Oct 2012

OLED vs LED lighting

The latest devolopments in the OLED Lighting space will be one of the major topics at the forthcoming Printed Electronics USA 2012.
5 Oct 2011

GE, Nissan sign R&D agreement to fast track broader adoption of e-cars

Pressing the accelerator on the drive to electrified transportation, GE and Nissan have signed a two-year research collaboration to speed up the development of a reliable, robust smart charging infrastructure to fuel mass market adoption of electric cars like the Nissan LEAF.
18 Feb 2011

Flextech conference 2011 highlights

Flextech conference 2011, 8-10 February, Phoenix, Arizona. Highlights of the presentations at the Flextech conference in Phoenix included talks from General Electric, Bayer, Plextronics and Sumitomo.
17 Aug 2010

GE to develop new bio-inspired sensor

Replicating nanostructures from the wings of Morpho butterflies, GE's sensors would enable highly selective, near-instantaneous detection of chemical threats GE's sensing platform could create other industrial and healthcare applications, including emissions monitoring at power plants, water purification and food safety testing and breath analysis for disease detection
20 Jul 2010

Charging infrastructure urgently needed

Over 100 manufacturers now offer pure electric on-road cars yet their combined sales remain much less than one company, Ingersoll Rand, achieves with pure electric golf cars. The main problem is that there is almost nowhere to plug them in.
28 May 2010

GE, Nissan to drive smart charging for Electric Vehicles

In the race to build a smart-charging infrastructure that fuels the coming plug-in car revolution, GE and Nissan have teamed to research new technology developments that will make smart charging a reality.