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Graphene Batteries AS is a Norwegian technology company in Li-S-battery technology. We have developed a graphene oxide enhanced sulfur cathode with breakthrough 150 cycles with > 99.5% cycle efficiency. We now develop a high-surface area Li-anode to match the high charge density on the cathode. Having direct access to GO from our sister-company Abalonyx, we now systematically screen modified GOs in order to optimize the cathode stabilization further, the results confirmed externally by Fraunhofer ISW in Dresden, Germany. We have established a detailed technology development and commercialization road map through which we will scale the technology and make it available to wider markets. We are now implementing this technology on pouch-cell level and our first pouch cells will be utilized in real flights tests by a Norwegian drone producer early next year. Together with our investor, we are now in the process of setting up a pilot facility in Norway with the final goal of mass production of lithium sulfur cells by 2023.
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Graphene Batteries
25 Sep 2020

Graphene Batteries

Graphene Batteries AS are a Norwegian company developing lithium-sulphur batteries.
21 Nov 2019

Graphene Enhanced Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Graphene Batteries AS, Norway
4 Nov 2019

Graphene Offers a Large Potential for the Energy Storage Market

This article will highlight some of the key topics addressed for graphene in LiB electrode advancement, post-LiB chemistry changes, supercapacitors, and thermal dissipation.
23 Oct 2019

Graphene Market Research Tipping Point - Part 1

In this two-part article Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, a leading industry expert and Research Director at IDTechEx will discuss the global graphene market.
2 May 2019

Graphene, 2D Materials and Carbon Nanotubes: Markets, Technologies and Opportunities 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
11 Apr 2019

Next Generation LiS Batteries enabled with Reduced Graphene Oxide

Graphene Batteries AS, Norway
13 Nov 2018

Aerogels 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
8 Aug 2018

Graphene skinned plane unveiled

The University of Central Lancashire has unveiled the world's first graphene skinned plane at an internationally renowned air show.
21 Aug 2014

Electric vehicles need magic of graphene

Graphene could radically improve batteries and supercapacitors as explained in the new IDTechEx report Functional Materials for Supercapacitors/Ultracapacitors/EDLC 2015-2025.
29 May 2014

Graphene could reduce weight of batteries for electric vehicles

Graphene - the world's thinnest material isolated at The University of Manchester - could make batteries light, durable and suitable for high capacity energy storage from renewable generation.
1 Apr 2014

The Role of Graphene in Batteries and Super-Capacitors

Graphene Batteries AS, Norway
21 Mar 2014

Part 2 - What you will learn at Supercapacitors Europe 2014

IDTechEx's Supercapacitor Europe 2014 conference on 1-2 April in Berlin, Germany, is bringing the best of supercapacitor developments in the region and internationally.
29 Jan 2014

Cabot Corporation

16 May 2013

Graphene Batteries

Graphene Batteries is young lean start-up developing formulation for use of graphene as an additive in Li-ion battery electrodes. Their main expertise is in formulation while their graphene is externally sourced. Their value propositions are (a) reducing the wt% of carbon black and (b) extending the cycle number of batteries. Their business model is licensing IP. They are still however in the very early stages.
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8 Apr 2013

Manchester leads the way in graphene membrane research

University of Manchester graphene researchers have been awarded a £3.5m funding boost that could bring desalination plants, safer food packaging and enhanced disease detection closer to reality.
4 Dec 2012

Agreement for next generation LFP-graphene batteries

The 50-50 collaborative agreement sets out terms with the objective of creating patentable inventions by combining graphene, supplied by Grafoid, with Hydro-Québec's patented lithium iron phosphate technologies.
30 Nov 2012

Grafoid Inc and Hydro-Quebec develop next generation batteries

Focus Graphite Inc has announced that Grafoid Inc - in which Focus Graphite holds a 40% ownership stake - has executed a three-year research and development agreement with Hydro-Québec's Research Institute for the development of next generation rechargeable batteries using graphene with lithium iron phosphate materials.