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Levant Power is the world leader in suspension energy harvesting. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock®, and has demonstrated simultaneous semi-active ride control and on-board electrical generation. Founded out of MIT by a team of engineers in 2008, the company is growing rapidly and is now working with leading domestic and international manufacturers to tailor GenShock for defense, trucking, transit buses, rail, passenger vehicles, industrial and marine applications. GenShock produces continuous electrical energy to vehicles, improving fuel economy by 1-6% while improving handling and ride comfort.
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Levant Power Corporation
8 Nov 2017

ClearMotion, Inc.

ClearMotion, Inc. is a privately funded company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, US. It has developed ClearMotion, a proactive ride control system for the purposes of passenger and driver comfort in an autonomous driving mode.
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8 Nov 2016

The bus of the future

Buses are very important. Injuries and deaths from two wheelers have not reduced very much in decades whereas vehicles with four wheels or more have seen huge improvements.
6 May 2016

Regenerative suspension comes center stage

The IDTechEx conference Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing finished in Berlin last week and it is analysed in this series of exclusive articles.
12 Aug 2015

48V vehicle systems becoming significant

Analysts IDTechEx almost completely rewrote their report Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2015-2025 this year and frequent updates take place, such is the pace of change.
28 Jul 2015

Anticipating 48V Systems in Conventional Cars

Ongoing interviews by IDTechEx across the world reveal that new power electronic systems are being designed on the assumption that 48V systems will be adopted for conventional cars in the next five years.
24 Apr 2015

Energy harvesting at the heavy end

At the event, "Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2015", uniquely, the whole scope of energy harvesting will be reviewed.
6 Mar 2015

Different electric vehicles pioneer best technology first

To benchmark new technology for electric vehicles it is vital to look at all of the off-road, on-road, water and airborne e-vehicles.
15 Nov 2013

IDTechEx find industrial and commercial EVs are the winners

As the electric vehicle EV industry grows more than five-fold to well over $300 billion in 2024, those e-vehicles not bought primarily on up-front price will continue to dominate.
5 Sep 2013

World's first fully active, regenerative suspension for automobiles

ZF Friedrichshafen AG has entered into partnership with Levant Power Corp. to build the world's first fully active suspension system with energy recovery function
4 Sep 2013

World's first fully active, regenerative suspension for automobiles

It converts the kinetic energy generated into electricity and feeds it into the vehicle power supply.
5 Aug 2013

Winners in traction power appear first in buses?

Large electric vehicles are not sold on up-front price but on performance and cost over life. They are mainly bought by government including local government, the military and with government funding of others. Innovation is therefore usually first seen in large electric vehicles.
17 May 2013

Opportunities for power electronics in electric vehicles

The day is coming when electric vehicles (EVs) land, water and airborne are as much as 80% electronics and electrics if we include the power components.
15 May 2012

Waste energy scavenging in vehicles

Wattshock recently exhibited their regenerative suspension retrofit shock. This component generates electricity from previously wasted kinetic energy in vehicles.
17 Nov 2011

Levant Power harvesting dampers: rapid advances

As part of the highly successful IDTechEx event "Energy Harvesting USA" this week in Boston, there has been a visit to the MIT spinoff Levant Power which has made remarkable progress in only two years.
16 Nov 2011

New energy harvesting shock absorbers land and sea

As part of the highly successful IDTechEx event Energy Harvesting USA this week in Boston, there has been a visit to the MIT spinoff Levant Power which has made remarkable progress in only two years.
15 Nov 2011

Control and Energy Recovery from Oscillations

Levant Power Corporation, United States
8 Nov 2011

Rush to energy harvesting for electric vehicles

Those designing electric vehicles have much in common, whether they are hybrid or pure electric, on-road, off-road, on-water, underwater or in the sky.
8 Nov 2011

New EV technology starting at the heavy end

Electric vehicles larger than cars include many boats, trucks, buses and other industrial and commercial vehicles, manned and unmanned aircraft and military vehicles for the field of combat and supply lines, even tugs for aircraft. Some electric vehicles are the size of a car but pack a much bigger punch.
14 Oct 2011

Materials solutions for alternative energy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently held this year's Making and Designing Materials Engineering Competition (MADMEC). The contest's theme is "materials solutions for alternative energy."
15 Sep 2011

Waste heat recovery systems in vehicles

In recent years, there's been a surge of energy harvesting applications in the automotive sector, with a host of technologies utilized, each characterized by different achievable levels of power.