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Nanosys Inc

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Nanosys manufactures and sells the world's leading performance, lowest cost Quantum Dots at our state-of-the-art nano materials fab in Silicon Valley, CA. Our Quantum Dot technology is the future technology platform for all displays- from LCDs to OLEDs and microLEDs to printable electroluminescent displays.
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Nanosys Inc
16 Dec 2020

Transparent Electronics Materials, Markets 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Xiaoxi He, Dr Richard Collins, Dr Matthew Dyson, Raghu Das and Luke Gear
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson, Raghu Das and Dr Richard Collins
23 Jan 2020


Nanosys is the leading player in QDs. They were founded in 2001 (historical overview in next slides). It has raised some $160M over the last 15 years.
18 Dec 2019

Molecular Diagnostics 2020-2030

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21 Nov 2019

Are Quantum Dots The Ultimate Flexible Printed Display Technology?

Nanosys Inc, United States
1 Oct 2019

Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das and Dr Xiaoxi He
11 Apr 2019

Are Quantum Dots The Ultimate Flexible Printed Display Technology?

Nanosys Inc, United States
14 Feb 2019

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
8 Feb 2019

Barrier Films and Thin Film Encapsulation for Flexible and/or Organic Electronics 2019-2029

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8 Feb 2019

Quantum Dot Materials and Technologies 2020-2030: Trends, Markets, Players

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21 Jan 2019


Nanosys is a market leader in quantum dot material and applications.
14 Aug 2018

Biomedical Diagnostics at Point-of-Care 2019-2029: Technologies, Applications, Forecasts

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16 May 2018

Nanosys Ltd

We caught up with Nanosys in May 2018. Here is a summary of their progress.
17 Apr 2018

Smart Glass and Windows 2018-2028: Electronic Shading and Semi-Transparent PV

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27 Feb 2018

Non-Toxic Materials for Electronics/ Electrics: Large Emerging Markets 2018-2028

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23 Jun 2017

Perovskite Photovoltaics 2018-2028

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8 Mar 2017

OLED Lighting Opportunities 2017-2027: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

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10 Mar 2016

3M quantum dot enhancement films

15 Jan 2016


QD supplier
25 Nov 2015