OMIC is a University Innovation Centre for the speciality organic materials and polymer industries, and is facilitating knowledge transfer in organic materials from Universities in the northwest of the UK to businesses in the UK and Europe to help those businesses to innovate and grow. OMIC is part of the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (
There is considerable expertise within OMIC in organic / printable electronics and in particular in:
• The discovery, development and characterisation of new organic materials for application in electronic devices such as:
  • Diodes and transistors
  • Photovoltaics / solar cells
  • Sensors
• The processing (e.g. direct write including inkjet and nanolithography) of semi-conducting and conducting organic materials, including nanoparticulate metals and precursors, into a wide range of devices on a diverse range of substrates including plastic, glasses and textiles.
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23 Feb 2018

Sea anemone sting cells could inspire new drug-delivery systems

A multi-stage genetic process for the formation of sting cells in sea anemones could inspire a new way of delivering drugs into the human body.
7 Sep 2015

CPI to print low cost energy harvesting device

The Centre for Process Innovation has announced a new project to develop a novel printed energy harvesting device that is powered by near-field communication.
15 Nov 2010

OAS validates core adhesion technology for printed electronics

Onto® surface modification technology facilitates breakthrough in advanced interlayer adhesion using solution printing
14 Jul 2008

UK Chemical Sector Initiative - part two

It was noted in the Council for Science and Technology Review that Plastic Electronics is a high risk / high reward priority technology area. The academic structure is well established in OLED, PLED, OSC materials and deposition methods with £20M / yr funding from Research Councils (EPSRC).
11 Jul 2008

UK Chemical Sector Initiative - part one

On 1st July, The UK Trade & Investment Chemical Sector Initiative on Printed Electronics hosted a Masterclass at Haydock Park Racecourse in North West England.
9 Nov 2007

Challenges in organic electronics UK

This two day meeting was organised by the Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) and the UK Displays & Lighting KTN and focused on research activities that address the major challenges in the chemistry, processing and physics of organic transistors, sensors, OLEDS and photovoltaic devices.