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Creating a power coverage area, Powercast's RF wireless power transmitters automatically power enabled products that come within range for smart, carefree wireless charging. Charging range and rate depend on a device's power consumption; power-hungry products charge best at close range, while the transmitters can power low-power devices such as sensors up to 80 feet (24 meters). The transmitters use the 915-MHz ISM band to send RF energy over the air to Powercast's tiny Powerharvester® receiver chip embedded in products, which converts it to usable direct current (DC) to either directly power batteryless devices, or recharge devices' batteries. The robust technology complies with the FCC's current one-watt power limit for Part 15 deployments in this band, but has potential power capabilities well beyond that to evolve as FCC standards evolve.
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18 Nov 2020


13 Jul 2020

Liquid X

Liquid X manufacture particle-free conductive inks and offer product development that utilizes these inks. Their target markets are primarily automotive, medical, sports/fitness and other consumer markets with a focus on smart textile and EMI shielding products.
8 May 2020

Washable E-Textiles that Seal in Wireless Charging Electronics

Powercast Corporation and Liquid X have announced a printed electronics venture to enable garment manufacturers to easily integrate wireless power functionality into durable, flexible, high performance and washable e-textiles.
17 Feb 2020


Competitor in long range wireless charging (RF-based)
30 Jan 2020


Competitor doing long distance wireless charging via RF (2.4 GHz).
29 Jan 2020


IDTechEx interviewed Powercast at CES 2020. Powecast use RF for wireless power transfer.
21 Nov 2019

RF Wireless Power: Powering The IoT

Powercast Corporation, United States
30 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Great Opportunities to Come

Internet of Things is considered the third revolution of the computer, after the first revolution of bringing computing to governments and big companies and the second one to the public via PC and smartphone.
22 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Connecting the EDGE USA 2019

Nov 20-21 | Santa Clara, CA 10% Attendee Discount - Ends Friday, 1 November
30 Jul 2019

Powercast long-range wireless power technology gains FCC approvals

Powercast Corporation announced that its radio-frequency-based long-range over-the-air wireless power technology has received three new certifications from the Federal Communications Commission - totaling seven since 2007 - adding retail applications to the company's existing FCC approvals for deployments in consumer, commercial and industrial environments.
27 Mar 2019


IDTechEx visited the Powercast booth at the IDTechEx Show. We caught up with them about their most recent product launches and progress developing RF charging products.
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15 Nov 2018

RF Energy Harvesting & Wireless Power: RFID Deployments & Sensor Applications

Powercast Corporation, United States
14 Nov 2018

PPG, Powercast announce partnership

PPG and Powercast Corporation announced a joint development agreement to produce ultra-thin and wirelessly powered printed electronics products.
26 Sep 2018

Powercast ships PowerSpot power-over-distance wireless transmitter

Powercast Corporation announced that it has begun shipping its three-watt, Bluetooth®-approved PowerSpot® transmitter which is the industry's first that works in the far field (up to 80 feet) to charge multiple consumer devices over the air - no charging mats needed.
21 Aug 2018

Sensors are the stars of the Show

Sensor technology is a key piece for a number of applications including robotics, Internet of Things, consumer electronics, smart city/home, smart factory, etc. Sensor innovation is often an important motivation within various industries.
21 May 2018

Wireless power receiver charges smart cards, compact devices

Designed for embedding in space-constrained consumer designs like smart cards or hearing aids, the new chip builds on Powercast's existing Powerharvester receiver (PCC110), which has been deployed in industrial and commercial wireless power systems for seven years.
11 Apr 2018

Powercast demonstrates industry's first batteryless electronic UHF tag

Powercast Corporation will demonstrate the industry's first Batteryless Electronic UHF (Ultrahigh Frequency) Retail Price Tag.
29 Dec 2017

Powercast to unveil FCC-approved consumer transmitter

PowerSpot is industry's first over-the-air, far-field (up to 80 feet) RF charger for consumer devices to get FCC nod.
15 Nov 2017

RF Energy Harvesting And Wireless Power: Real-World Deployments And Practical Applications

Powercast Corporation, United States
16 Jun 2017

Powercast wireless power development kit charges devices up to 80 feet

Powercast Corporation, a leader in long-range wireless power for 14 years, has announced the P1110-EVAL-01 development kit that enables manufacturers of smart, connected devices to easily design and deploy them using Powercast's wireless power technology.