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Sion Power Corporation

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Backed by more than 30 years of experience, Sion Power is changing the rechargeable battery industry with its Licerion® technology. Licerion is an advanced approach to lithium metal batteries containing twice the energy in the same size and weight battery as a traditional lithium-ion battery. Licerion batteries are an enabling technology for growth markets such as electric vehicles (EV), electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), and more. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Sion Power is a privately held, vertically integrated company with more than 180 patents. Visit us on the web at External Link or follow us on LinkedIn.
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Sion Power Corporation
16 Sep 2019

Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2020-2030: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das and Dr Xiaoxi He
15 Nov 2018

650 Wh/kg, 1400 Wh/L Rechargeable Batteries For New Era Of Electrified Mobility

Sion Power Corporation, United States
20 Aug 2018

The graphene community gathers in California

The graphene community will gather in California on November 14 & 15 to attend the largest business-focused conference and exhibition on Graphene and 2D Materials which takes place in Santa Clara.
15 Aug 2018

A new battle of the currents takes center stage

This coming November 14-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, leading players in the battery and energy storage industry will compete to capture the audience's attention over what technology is set to dominate in the coming decade.
16 Apr 2018

BASF Battery Materials

26 Feb 2018

Sion Power Corporation

Sion Power is a US company working on the development of lithium-sulphur batteries. The company owns several patents on LICERION, a ceramic separator. BASF has invested $50M in the start-up.
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13 Dec 2017

Report on IDTechEx Show! USA 2017

The following article summarises some of the key observations made by IDTechEx analysts during the IDTechEx Show! It contains details of many of the companies demonstrating products during the exhibition, notable presentations given and summaries of relevant conversations and recent updates.
15 Nov 2017

Sion Power's Licerion® Batteries

Sion Power Corporation, United States
9 Dec 2015

Solid Power

19 Nov 2015

The Future of Lithium Batteries

Sion Power Corporation, United States
27 Oct 2015

Graphene solves the big problems in energy storage

The graphene industry is at a critical juncture for many small to medium sized companies: it is time for them to generate revenues and pre-empt any pending cash flow issues. These companies cannot often afford to take the long view, which many research groups and government are rightly taking.
23 Oct 2015

Future tradeoffs analysed at IDTechEx conference

At IDTechEx's forthcoming event, Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, taking place in Santa Clara on Nov 18-19, there will be many presentations on the next wave of battery technology for electric vehicles.
22 Oct 2015

Sion Power next generation battery technology, Licerion batteries

John Kopera, Vice President Corporate Operations of Sion Power says Sion has long been known for Li-S technology but we are more than that. We are the protected lithium metal battery company; the Licerion rechargeable battery company.
19 Oct 2015

Graphene finds users in California

Graphene finds users in California (Our most exciting graphene conference so far).
14 Oct 2015

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing 2015, Nov 18-19, Santa Clara

What to expect at the Future Battery Technology Session at IDTechEx's Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Show!
30 Aug 2015


15 Dec 2013

OXIS Energy

from materials to vehicles manufacturers (see key customers/partners section).
12 Jul 2012

EV battery funding successes and hopes

US and European funding for electric vehicle batteries continues to trickle in but at a more modest scale than before.
20 Mar 2012

Inorganic and composite printed electronics is favoured

At the forthcoming event, Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics Europe 3-4 April in Berlin, one third of the 94 presentations and masterclasses primarily concern organic compounds but two thirds primarily concern inorganic and composite devices. The organisers did not steer it that way: the customers did.
9 Feb 2012

Predicting success in electric vehicles

This article shares some of the research carried out for the latest in the series of 18 IDTechEx reports on electric vehicles and their components.