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17 Aug 2020


EcoPro are a South Korean company who have expanded into the Li-ion industry and are positioning themselves as a key supplier of cathode materials.
6 Aug 2020

Hyundai Kia Automotive Group

The Hyundai Kia Automotive Group refers to the group of affiliated companies interconnected by complex shareholding arrangements, with Hyundai Motor Company regarded as the de facto representative of the group.
22 Jun 2020

Volvo Cars' Chengdu Car Plant Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

The Volvo Cars manufacturing plant in Chengdu, the company's largest in China, is now powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity, taking the company's global renewable electricity mix in its manufacturing network to 80 per cent.
18 Jun 2020

Fuel Cells and Electrolysers 3D Printing: New Approach

Fuel cells able to convert hydrogen into electricity are called to play an important role in the energy transition towards a future with zero-emissions.
10 Jun 2020

Electric Road Inaugurated in Lund, Sweden

Electric Road Systems are an important part of the solution to reduce emissions, and the Evolution Road project will provide crucial knowledge for this important mission.
27 Apr 2020

Where Is Li-ion Technology Heading?

The Li-ion market is growing but which Li-ion chemistries and technologies are going to be used? The newly updated report "Li-ion batteries 2020-2030", from market intelligence company IDTechEx, provides detailed analysis of the various Li-ion chemistries and technologies being deployed and the applications they are best suited for.
24 Mar 2020

LG Chem

LG Chem have been expanding their Li-ion business aggressively.
24 Mar 2020

Kokam (2020)

30 Jan 2020

Impact of Technology Development on Li-ion Supply Chain

Understanding the future of the Li-ion supply chain requires clarity on the technologies and chemistries that will be used over the coming decade.
16 Oct 2019

SK Innovation Co Ltd

SK Innovation are involved at various stages of the Li-ion value chain.
20 Sep 2019

Optical sensor that detects very low glucose concentrations

The tool could be integrated into a smartphone and prevent people with diabetes from having to prick themselves to measure their glucose level.
12 Aug 2019

Electric Vehicle Research at Advanced Materials Osaka July 2019

Here we give the abstracts relevant to electric vehicles from BIT Advanced Materials Conference Osaka Japan July 2019. The organisers failed to provide slides but we have photographs of some of these if you are interested. The selected abstracts are divided into energy storage, wide bandgap semiconductors, energy harvesting and other.
20 Mar 2019

First commercial drone deliveries to vessels

In partnership with Airbus, Wilhelmsen's shore-to-ship Singapore pilot project, marks the first deployment of drone technology in real-time port conditions, delivering a variety of small, time-critical items to working vessels at anchorage.
9 Jul 2018

Metabolic Explorer

METabolic EXplorer (METEX) is a spin-off of the Université d'Auvergne and was co-founded by Benjamin Gonzalez, its current chairman, in 1999.
16 May 2018

Fast e-vehicle chargers put Iceland on road to energy sustainability

Iceland is implementing an ambitious plan to increase the adoption of renewable energy, with incentives to promote electric vehicles.
26 Feb 2018

Nanowire research for new generation of portable solar fuel power

EU-funded scientists have developed nanomaterials that can be scaled up to produce a new generation of solar-powered devices with the potential to replace batteries or bulky solar panels.
12 Dec 2017

Hanyang University

The research group of Prof. Yang-Kook Sun at Hanyang University has developed a cathode material for Li-ion batteries based on a core shell gradient, which ensures both long cycle life and high capacity.
10 Oct 2017

Robotic bugs train insects to be helpers

Tiny mobile robots are learning to work with insects in the hope the creatures' sensitive antennae and ability to squeeze into small spaces can be put to use serving humans.
6 Oct 2017

A report from Interbattery 2017

Interbattery 2017 took place from the 27th to the 29th September in Seoul, South Korea. IDTechEx analyst Lorenzo Grande attended the conference and has reported on his experience.
1 Aug 2017

Artificial skin could allow robots to feel

Artificial skin with post-human sensing capabilities, and a better understanding of skin tissue, could pave the way for robots that can feel, smart-transplants and even cyborgs.