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The renewable materials company, Stora Enso develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide. Building on our heritage and know-how in forestry and trees, Stora Enso is committed to the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials and creating value in a sustainable bioeconomy. Our products, in many cases, provide a low-carbon alternative to many products made from fossil-based or other non-renewable materials. Stora Enso has some 26 000 employees in more than 30 countries, and is publicly listed on the Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges. Our sales in 2018 were EUR 10.5 billion, with an operational EBIT of EUR 1.3 billion.
Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is a service provider of intelligent packaging products and solutions. Make your products, packaging and supply chain more intelligent with RFID, UHF and NFC tag technology, and make your business more efficient. Our solutions currently fit for unmanned store solutions with our New Retail solutions with Intelligent cabinets and to industrial segment with our supply chain solution.
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Stora Enso
18 Dec 2023

Sodium-ion Batteries 2024-2034: Technology, Players, Markets, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr Alex Holland
17 Jul 2023

Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2024-2034

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21 Jun 2023


Beontag is a multinational company that provides IoT/RFID solutions and graphic and label materials. IDTechEx spoke with Mr Marcio Muniz, Beontag's Digital Transformation Vice President, about Beontag's RFID business, in 2023.
5 Jun 2023

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a Finnish/Swedish company who develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide. IDTechEx spoke with Otto Kivi, Senior Specialist Business, at The Battery Show Europe 2023.
27 Mar 2023

Sustainable Packaging Market 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
12 Nov 2020

Alchemy Cloud

Alchemy Cloud is a software company providing complete lab digitalization solutions to chemical and materials companies. IDTechEx spoke with Sasha Novakovich (Co-Founder & CEO).
21 Nov 2019

ECO RFID Tag Technology - Scalability And Sustainability With Item Level Connectivity And Related Applications

Stora Enso Oyj/ Renewable Packaging, Finland
30 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Great Opportunities to Come

Internet of Things is considered the third revolution of the computer, after the first revolution of bringing computing to governments and big companies and the second one to the public via PC and smartphone.
22 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Connecting the EDGE USA 2019

Nov 20-21 | Santa Clara, CA 10% Attendee Discount - Ends Friday, 1 November
11 Apr 2019

ECO RFID Tag Technology - Scalability And Opportunities With Item Level Connectivity And Related Applications

Stora Enso Oyj/ Renewable Packaging, Finland
11 Apr 2019

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2019 Award Winners

At the 15th IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition in Berlin on April 10-11, four companies were honoured for their great achievements in developing and commercialising printed electronics technologies.
23 Jan 2019

AI for smarter forest management

Down on the ground, it isn't possible to get a full understanding of the richness of resources in a given forest area or predict any potential risks to the health of plants and trees. Comprehensive, manual surveying and data collection of forested areas can take months, with considerable strain placed on budgets and manpower.
28 Apr 2015

Internet of Packages

Stora Enso Oyj/ Renewable Packaging, Finland
22 Apr 2015

The Printed Electronics Industry Gets Going

Investment up; more products launched and larger companies driving growth.
25 Feb 2015

The biggest end-users discuss their PE needs: Berlin, April 28-29

At the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event, some of the key end-users presenting include United Technologies Research, Jaguar Land Rover, JC Decaux, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Crown Packaging and many more.
20 Oct 2014

Printed electronics in Sweden

Sweden has been very active in the development of printed electronics. IDTechEx recently visited some of the main players in the industry to see their facilities and product concepts. In this article, we give a snapshot of printed electronics in Sweden.
1 Apr 2014

Needs and Desires for Printed Electronics in Packaging

Stora Enso, Finland
26 Mar 2014

What do you need to know about printed, organic, flexible electronics?

What do you need to know about printed, organic and flexible electronics to drive your business in this field?
24 Mar 2014

World's first flexible multi-functional timer available at PE Europe

World's first flexible multi-functional timer to be distributed at Printed Electronics Europe.