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The University of Dublin, Trinity College, founded in 1592, is the oldest university in Ireland. Trinity College is the sole constituent college of the University. At present there are over 12,000 students and 1,200 staff members working on the College campus.
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Trinity College Dublin
21 Feb 2020

Mending a Broken Heart - the Bioengineering Way

Bioengineers have developed a prototype patch that does the same job as crucial aspects of heart tissue. Their patch withstands the mechanical demands and mimics the electrical signalling properties that allow our hearts to pump blood rhythmically round our bodies.
11 Nov 2019


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Miravex CEO Dr Guido Mariotto on 31 October 2019. Miravex develops 3D imaging equipment for skin analysis.
25 Jun 2019

New battery design for the 5G world

Researchers have created a new, innovative formula for battery composition that makes batteries more powerful by packing 2.5 times the battery life than anything currently on the market.
10 Apr 2019

Pervasive Nation: Lessons From A LoRaWAN Integration With A 5G Network In A Smart City Environment

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
25 Feb 2019

New material to increase phone battery life by over 300%

Researchers have today announced the development of a new material which has the potential to improve the lifetime of the battery in every day electronics, such as smartphones. The new material also has the potential to significantly improve issues of battery lifetime while also ensuring that batteries can continue to become smaller without loss of performance.
29 Aug 2018

Progressing 3D printed biological implants

The overall goal of TRANSITION, the five-year project funded under Science Foundation Ireland's Spokes programme, is to develop a new class of 3D printed biological implants that will regenerate, rather than replace, diseased joints.
12 Apr 2018

How Industry Engages Successfully With Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
22 Aug 2017

Thermoelectric Harvesting in 2017: Still Awaiting a Breakthrough

This article works through the issues facing the development of thermoelectric harvesting, including high power, modular thermoelectric technology and turnkey thermoelectric generators.
13 Apr 2017

Researchers print promising two-dimensional transistors

Researchers have fabricated printed transistors consisting entirely of two-dimensional nanomaterials for the first time.
13 Dec 2016

Graphene and silly putty make state-of-the-art sensor

Researchers have used the wonder material graphene to make the novelty children's material silly putty® (polysilicone) conduct electricity -- creating extremely sensitive sensors.
9 Jul 2015

Researchers produce powerful biosensor for medical diagnostics

This new biosensor has demonstrated very high sensitivity in detecting cholera toxins and can provide earlier diagnosis of conditions such as cancer and other infectious diseases.
2 Jul 2015

Agreement for the production of atomically thin 2D layered materials

Capitalising on its experience in the manufacture of graphene, Thomas Swan Ltd can now quickly scale the manufacture of 2D materials, such as boron nitride and molybdenum disulphide, which will be available from this summer.
15 May 2015

Intelligent mouthguard to record our daily grind

SmartSplint will be able to deliver up to date, personalised information about bruxism right to the patient's phone and help them to understand their condition better and perhaps point to how they could modify their lifestyles to reduce how much they grind.
13 May 2015

Scientists discovery mystery behind solar energy harvesting material

Scientists have discovered how hybrid organic/inorganic perovskites, which have been used as highly efficient solar harvesting materials, really work
28 Jan 2015

Next-gen 3D printing tech for spacemen

Trinity engineers are leading a €500,000 project to develop the technology, which will allow mechanical structures to be made and coated with different materials. Cold Spray will be used in science missions in outer space, but will also have everyday applications much closer to home.
27 Mar 2014

New reliable source of graphene products announced at Berlin show

Thomas Swan will introduce two new high quality graphene products to the market at Printed Electronics Europe 2014 in Berlin, Germany.
29 Nov 2012

Thomas Swan

16 Aug 2012

Nanohelices for energy harvesting

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin and led by Professor Vojislav Krstic are investigating advanced materials and their electronic properties.
8 Feb 2011

New nanomaterials unlock new energy technologies

A new way of splitting layered materials to give atomically thin "nanosheets" has been discovered by a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded research team.
22 Jul 2010

SolarPrint with Fiat powers vehicles of the future

Irish energy technology company SolarPrint have entered into a partnership with Italian car manufacturing giant, Fiat, to develop solar panels that can be incorporated into automotives roof surface, as a means of generating alternative sources of energy for vehicles by converting light to power.