Big Future for Solar Vehicles

Solar vehicles have reached a tipping point where it is now viable to increase area by putting it on the sides or having extending panels.
This webinar examines the surge in vehicles where many users get at least 10% of motive power from daylight, some never plug in and some even create more electricity than they use. What new chemistries make this possible in the pictured examples from the Antarctic to the Equator? Pictured solar cars from startups have big orderbooks but how are Hyundai and Toyota seeking better still in a very different approach? Understand why solar bodywork is now a key enabling technology for cars, vans and light aircraft with robotaxis next. Useful for lesser things on trains and trucks?
It is all in this webinar which shares research from the important new IDTechEx report, Solar Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains 2020-2030.
Image Source: Lightyear