Electric Vehicles: The Future Comes Early - World's First Survey of All 100 Types

This webinar sees EVs in a way that reveals surprises. Uniquely, IDTechEx has used detailed fact-based analysis to forecast 100 categories of electric vehicles when other analysts struggle to do ten. Indeed, the new forecasts are expressed in five ways, giving a total of 500 forecasts - units, unit value, energy storage kWh, market value and gross GW for each category. All are in the new IDTechEx overview report, Electric Vehicles 2020-2030, and it is some of this research that is shared in this webinar.
Which robot in the important Construction Agriculture Mining sector will dwarf even e-bikes in numbers within the decade? What will be the most expensive EVs of all time? Why are orders flooding in for electric aircraft? What important EVs are ignored by others? Learn this and more.