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Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices. We are continuing that commitment by providing the foundation technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling innovation in new industries. Through collaboration with the industry, we are helping billions of devices securely talk to each other and share valuable information, to generate new services, improve productivity and efficiency, and speed time to market. Through our unique combination of integrated hardware, software, and services, Intel is helping turn data into action, accelerating the realization of cleaner cities, personalized healthcare, more responsive homes, and smarter factories. Learn more about how Intel enables IoT at
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Intel Corporation
29 Aug 2023


DeGirum has developed a cloud platform that allows edge artificial intelligence (AI) developers to test models on various hardware. In addition, DeGirum has designed an AI accelerator, known as ORCA. IDTechEx spoke with Shashi Chilappagari, Co-Founder and Chief Architect.
25 Aug 2023

Why Data Centers Adopt Cold Plates for Liquid Cooling Over Immersion

The increasing power density of data center racks, driven by technologies like cloud computing, generative AI, and crypto mining, has led to the exploration of liquid cooling as a thermal management solution.
24 Aug 2023

4am Robotics

IDTechEx talked with 4am Robotics at Automatica 2023. 4am Robotics specializes in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) including indoor and outdoor tuggers, forklifts, and mobile manipulators.
21 Aug 2023

Neura Robotics

Neura Robotics is a company developing cognitive collaborative robots using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. IDTechEx analysts talked with Neura Robotics at Automatica 2022, and this year (2023), IDTechEx analysts talked with them again to check their updates.
16 Aug 2023

Thira Robotics

IDTechEx talked with Thira Robotics at Automatica 2023. Thira Robotics is a South Korea based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer. Thira Robotics has a number of products, its T-Series and L-Series AMRs.
25 Jul 2023


Founded in January 2018, from an augmented reality wearables parent company, DAQRI, Envisics has grown in the heads-up display (HUD) space, being valued more recently at US$500M with investments from large OEMs such as Hyundai Mobis, Stellantis, GM Ventures or Inmotion Ventures from Jaguar Land Rover. With research that spun out of the University of Cambridge, Envisics has evolved significantly, bringing this solution to the automotive industry. Led by Dr Jamieson Christmas, Envisics is bringing holographic displays to augmented reality HUDs (AR-HUDS) and providing full depth planes to images projected ahead of the driver.
12 Jul 2023

EU Chips Act — SemiWise

Professor Asen Asenov has been a professor at the University of Glasgow's Department of Electrical Engineering for 32 years. He has a strong background in the semiconductor industry, with 42 years of industry experience. In 2010, he founded a successful startup called 'Gold Standard Simulations' (GSS), which focused on advanced CMOS simulation tools. GSS was later acquired by Synopsys in 2016, leading to the establishment of SemiWise in 2017. SemiWise specializes in areas like low-power CMOS modeling and simulation, providing semiconductor IP, device design consulting, software solutions, and training courses. Additionally, Prof. Asenov is involved in UK chip initiatives and advises the Bulgarian government on the EU (European) Chips Act. IDTechEx interviewed Prof. Asenov, discussing the EU Chips Act and the competition in the semiconductor industry in July 2023.
26 Jun 2023

Semiconductor Foundry Node Roadmap

Innovation roadmap semiconductor foundry nodes.
19 Jun 2023

Will Liquid Cooling Dominate Thermal Management for Data Centers?

Over the past 16 years, the thermal design power (TDP) of GPUs has quadrupled. With the increasing demand for AI, cloud computing, and crypto mining, IDTechEx expects the power consumption of server boards and data centers to continue rising.
15 Jun 2023

Why Buying an Autonomous Electric Car Will Feel Like Buying a Laptop

Computer chips have been part of cars for a long time, but no one really cares about them until they stop working or they are late to the production line, grinding manufacturing to an industry-shaking halt
24 May 2023

Asperitas Immersed Computing

Asperitas Immersed Computing (referring as Asperitas) is an immersion cooling vendor for data center applications. Unlike typical immersion cooling solutions, Asperitas utilizes passive natural convection rather than active cooling using coolant distribution units (CDUs).
15 May 2023

The Metaverse Standards Forum

The Metaverse Standards Forum is intended as the place for communication between stakeholders to create recommendations for standards to make an interoperable metaverse possible. The Khronos Group-founded organization counts almost 2500 companies as members. IDTechEx spoke to its chair, Neil Trevett, about the Forum's goals and work to date.
10 May 2023

Why AI Should Be at the Top of the National Agenda

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the success of DeepMind over Go world champion Lee Sedol in 2016; the world is beginning to change according to the new possibilities afforded by AI. From the robust predictive abilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT - where the AI chatbot can be used for all sorts of purposes, from creating scripts (including malware) to writing academic essays - to AI image generators that are so good that they can win Sony world photography awards, the complexity and capabilities of AI algorithms are growing at a startlingly fast pace.
2 May 2023

AEye, Inc.

AEye is a technology company that provides advanced imaging and sensing solutions for various industries, including smart infrastructure and automotive. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
2 May 2023

AI Chips 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
13 Apr 2023

Optical Compute: How New Age of Computation Seems So Close, Yet So Far

Modern technology is largely built upon the back of tiny electrical circuits connected together to form chips. These come in a variety of configurations, and can be found in all kinds of household appliances (from rice cookers to air conditioners), consumer electronics (laptops, smartphones, TVs), and products and services necessary to everyday life in an interconnected world (such as airplanes, trains, and cars).
4 Apr 2023

Smart Packaging 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
31 Mar 2023


TriEye is an Israeli company specialising in short-wave infrared (SWIR) image sensor and laser technology. It has developed an approach to manufacturing low-cost image sensors on silicon that are capable of detecting wavelengths in the SWIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as the standard visible region. The company integrates its SWIR sensors and laser scanners into its product.
24 Mar 2023

Neurok Thermocon Inc

Neurok Thermocon Inc is a start-up specializing in passive cold plate cooling. Its core technology is the wick structure inside its cold plate that enables the heat circulation to flow without external pumps.
23 Mar 2023

Semiconductors for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs, Dr Yu-Han Chang and Dr Xiaoxi He