Industrial Internet Of Things: The Impact Of Emerging Flexible And Stretchable Technologies (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Daniel Strohmayr, Founder & Co-CEO
Tacterion GmbH


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Presentation Summary

Industrial IoT is all about connecting machines, letting them communicate with each other and with the humans who operate them. The Benefits include optimized processes, reduced costs and higher workplace safety. We will show how tacterion's, as well as other flexible sensor technologies will add value to various applications ranging from human-robot-collaboration to sensitive worker apparel and predictive maintenance cases.

Speaker Biography (Daniel Strohmayr)

Daniel is Co-CEO of tacterion. He is responsible for Strategy, Business Development, Marketing & Sales. He studied Business Administration and Innovation Management in Germany (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and LMU Munich), the U.S. & Portugal. In addition, he graduated from the Technology Management Honors Degree program of Munich's Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM).
During and after his studies he worked for two years at the Fraunhofer Society Headquarters' Technology Management and supported potential spin-off teams with business development. In 2014 he joined a strategic consultancy specialized on family companies to work on building up the new "Innovation & New Business" department. Since mid-2015 Daniel is working full time for tacterion.
In May, Daniel was honoured with the "Manager of the Year 2017" award in the start-ups category presented by "Markt&Technik".

Company Profile (tacterion GmbH)

tacterion GmbH logo
tacterion's innovative and unique technology is a highly flexible and stretchable sensor called sensorskin. It consists of silicone polymer material and is completely stretchable. Hence, we can deploy the sensors on the surface of 3D-curved and even deformable objects for detecting and characterizing interaction and pressure on any surface.
The technology is optimized for environments that require the products to be sensitive and extremely robust at the same time.
The target markets are Robotics, MedTech, Automotive, Industrial applications and HMI (e.g. Consumer Electronics).
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