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tacterion is a high-tech sensor and IoT company based in Munich/Germany. We develop and market the unique sensor technology called plyon® that acts as a sensor skin. plyon® is a modular sensor platform, enabling new ways of interaction by adding an intelligent layer to almost any product. The plyon® technology platform combines resistive and capacitive measurement. So the smart plyon® layer measures approximation, interaction and force on any surface, our algorithms understand how users interact with the device. Depending on the use case and the environment plyon® comes in rigid, flexible or stretchable format. New devices and even textile integration are enabled. Based on the plyon® hardware tacterion provides complete solutions including design, engineering, software development and data management.
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tacterion GmbH
1 Dec 2022

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10 Jul 2020

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Tacterion offers pressure sensing and data acquisition solutions based around their proprietary flexible and stretchable piezoresistive sensor platform plyon. Their plyon flex sensors are especially well suited to applications in which the sensor material is curved or is deformed during operation since they do not register a signal on bending.
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29 Jan 2020


At CES 2020 IDTechEx met with Tacterion, a developer of flexible and stretchable sensors. The company demonstrated an application of their sensor in a power tool.
29 May 2019


IDTechEx interviewed Daniel Strohmayr, Co-CEO of Tacterion at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, April 2019.
11 Apr 2019

Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level

Tacterion GmbH, Germany
15 Nov 2018

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Tacterion GmbH, Germany
2 Oct 2018

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Tacterion GmbH, Germany
11 Dec 2017

Highly Flexible Stretchable Sensors

tacterion's innovative and unique technology is a highly flexible and stretchable sensor called sensorskin.
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15 Nov 2017

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Tacterion GmbH, Germany
10 May 2017

Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level

Tacterion GmbH, Germany
16 Nov 2016

Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level

Tacterion GmbH, Germany
23 Jun 2016

Tacterion Shows Stretchable Sensors For Wearables And Smart Fabrics

Video interview with Tacterion at the IDTechEx Show! (27-28 April, 2016 | Berlin, Germany).