Truly Bendable Force & Touch Sensors Enhancing The Interaction Experience (Sensors Europe 2018)

Alaa Abdellah, Lead Engineer
Tacterion GmbH


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Presentation Summary

Alaa is tacterion's Lead Engineer in Sensor Technology & Integration. His area of responsibilities include amongst others the development of new materials, the production scale-up and the creation of innovative sensor designs. He studied Electronics and Electrical Communications, High-Frequency Engineering and Optoelectronics in Germany (TU in Munich) and Egypt (Cairo University). After his graduation in 2007 he worked as a Research Assistant (Doctoral Candidate) at TU in Munich. After finishing his doctorate in 2012 he continued his PostDoc at TU. Before working for tacterion, he was Senior Research Engineer for three years at InnovationLab in Heidelberg, Germany.

Speaker Biography (Alaa Abdellah)

Alaa is tacterion's lead engineer for sensor technology and integration. He has more than 10 years of R&D experience in the field of printed and flexible electronics. At tacterion his areas of responsibility include amongst others the development of new processes and the creation of innovative sensor designs, as well as ensuring best possible integration into products. Alaa obtained his M.Sc. degree in high-frequency engineering and optoelectronics and his Ph.D. degree in organic and nanostructured electronics from the Technische Universität München, Germany, in 2007 and 2012, respectively. From 2012 to 2015, he was scientific staff member (postdoctoral researcher) at the Institute for Nanoelectronics of the Technische Universität München. Prior to joining tacterion, he was with InnovationLab GmbH, Germany, as a senior research engineer.

Company Profile (tacterion GmbH)

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tacterion's innovative and unique technology is a highly flexible and stretchable sensor called sensorskin. It consists of silicone polymer material and is completely stretchable. Hence, we can deploy the sensors on the surface of 3D-curved and even deformable objects for detecting and characterizing interaction and pressure on any surface.
The technology is optimized for environments that require the products to be sensitive and extremely robust at the same time.
The target markets are Robotics, MedTech, Automotive, Industrial applications and HMI (e.g. Consumer Electronics).
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