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Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028

EVs taking goods or people to their final destination

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This unique report analyses the world of delivering things and people on the last leg of their journey and how electric vehicles will help. It explains how last mile LM delivery is expensive, slow or dangerous whether package or person. The report is packed with appraisal of relevant technologies and opportunities in the form of easily understood infograms, ten year forecasts and statistics. All options for last mile delivery of people and things are appraised including drones, sidewalk and taxi/bus robots. Needs are tabulated with how EV, internal combustion and manually powered vehicles compare as solutions.
The Executive Summary and Conclusions is sufficiently complete yet information and image-packed to be a sufficient for those with time limits. Numbers, unit values and market values for 18 categories of EV are given for 2018-2028 plus many relevant background statistics.
The Introduction reveals definitions, challenges and options. It considers the various package and person delivery modes, emphasis being on comparing alternatives, identifying the best, forecasting the potential sales of the overall categories. Understand the special case of China with 98% of the world's electric bikes and pure electric buses.
Chapter three brings the subject alive with case studies of last mile delivery of goods. Problems include emergency supplies not getting through and inadequate, unprofitable fresh food delivery. How do we stop traffic congestion and pollution worsening in cities, aggravated by a profusion of delivery vehicles caused by internet shopping? How is Amazon stealing market share using last mile and now taking on Wal-Mart? Learn about the Amazon drone hive and how courier company Deutsche Post DHL is even making last mile EVs for the open market, not just using them. What is the first commercial driverless delivery vehicle for things and people? Why is start up PonyZero in Italy growing so fast internationally using EVs with a different customer proposition? How does Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain newly offer one hour delivery by EV?
Chapter four critically reveals many new ways of delivering people using EVs across the world from single to four wheel compact vehicles. Learn which are most promising and why. This even includes mobility for the disabled and the special cases of India and the Philippines and those addressing them. Learn the good and bad about those new autonomous taxi-buses and when they get deployed in large numbers, where and for what. The approach is broad. We even cover intriguing concept transportation, a search and rescue amphibious boat that can climb mountains at 45 degrees and the place of planned electric personal and taxi aircraft in all this.
Chapter five thoroughly considers EVs for delivering goods, including sidewalk robots and examples of rollouts. Drones are appraised in detail too including drones dropping cargo at destination, morphing drones and disposable single trip delivery drones. How is that shaping up in Rwanda? It is all here.
Finally Chapter six very frankly appraises key enabling technologies such as batteries, power electronics, energy independent vehicles such as new cargo trikes, microbuses and inflated wings carrying heavy cargo precisely to final destination. For even more on specifics of technology, new IDTechEx reports are available on batteries, motors, power electronics, range extenders, energy harvesting for electric vehicles and so on, so this report is part of a complete service including 30 minutes free consultancy on the topic, to answer your outstanding questions.
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Table of Contents
1.1.Definitions and issues
1.1.1.Last mile travel for people is closely allied
1.1.2.Scope of this report
1.1.3.EV definition, drivers and component structure
1.1.4.Examples of LM and allied EVs currently in use
1.1.5.EVs carried in or on long range vehicles
1.1.6.Experimental LM EVs
1.2.LM vehicle needs and challenges
1.2.1.LM pure electric, internal combustion, manual compared
1.2.2.Tightening legal constraints
1.2.3.Delivery drones in cities may see disillusion 2018-2028
1.3.Main solutions compared
1.4.Market forecasts 2017-2028
1.5.Market for commercially transported goods
1.6.Share of US grocery market
1.7.Market for urban goods transport grows rapidly
1.8.Market for urban people transport changes and grows
1.9.Yamada Denki Update November 2017
1.10.E-cargo bikes to replace London diesel vans January 2018
1.11.World's first self driving store January 2018
1.12.Technical University of Munich (TUM) e-trike
1.13.UK Department for Transport says e-vehicles could replace vans
2.3.Convergence of technologies and new challenges overview
2.4.Unmanned autonomous vehicles: operational, technical, ethical challenges
2.5.Insurance challenges
2.6.Societal impact
3.1.Case studies overview
3.1.1.Amazon beating Wal-Mart by solving Last Mile?
3.1.2.Amazon drone hive
3.1.3.Amazon drones
3.2.DHL Germany
3.2.2.Electric StreetScooters
3.3.First Transit: first commercially operated driverless vehicle? UK, USA
3.4.PonyZero Italy
3.4.1.PonyZero technology
3.5.Terra Motors Japan
3.5.1.Terra Motors Japan (India and Bangladesh)
3.5.2.Terra Motors Japan (Vietnam)
3.5.3.Terra Motors Japan (Philippines)
3.5.4.Terra Motors Japan (Japan)
3.6.Tesco UK: one hour EV delivery
3.7.Ocado UK
3.8.Moby Mart, Japan
3.9.Grunner e-bike Croatia
3.10.Three 'cars' to a parking space: Archimoto
3.11.Other case studies 2017
3.12.BlueSG shuttle bus announcement 2018
3.13.Ericsson self-driving shuttles trial 2018
3.14.Nuro self driving delivery pod 2018
4.1.Land vehicles general
4.2.Two wheel
4.2.1.Airbus 'Light Rider'
4.2.2.Victory Racing
4.2.3.Lito Sora
4.2.4.Electric Honda Cub enters production 2020
4.2.6.Hybrid Module Mobility
4.4.Taxis and cars 3 and 4 wheel
4.4.1.Many types of micro EV
4.5.Clean Motion Sweden
4.6.Electra Mechanica Italy
4.7.Toyota Postal Micro EV Japan
4.8.Autonomous Micro EV Canada
4.9.Mobility for the disabled
4.11.1.Autonomous shuttles in Switzerland
4.11.2.Gateway autonomous bus UK
4.11.3.IBM Olli bus/ delivery vehicle USA
4.11.4.Electric shuttle in Hamburg
4.11.5.Life for Silver Coast project Italy
4.11.6.Here come more small buses Postbus Switzerland: winner of UITP photo competition 2017 "Capturing public transport at its most innovative"
4.11.7.Autonomous bus and bus-taxi concepts
4.11.8.University of Michigan shuttle bus
4.11.10.Mercedes and Bosch Taxis
4.11.11.Huge scope for media
4.11.12.Boat that climbs mountains: Vanquisher
4.11.13.Air taxi and personal aircraft
4.12.UBS forecast for 'robotaxis'
5.2.Tesla of pick up trucks: Havelaar Canada
5.3.Delivery robots on land
5.3.1.Starship, Marathon Robotics, Just Eat, Domino
5.3.2.Domino's and Ford
5.3.3.Teleretail Switzerland
5.3.6.Lidl's autonomous trucks
5.3.7.Royal Mail all electric vans
5.3.8.Follow Me Mail Bot
5.3.9.GMW and BigBasket Deliveries
5.3.10.UPS Electric Trike, Pittsburgh
5.3.11.UPS Low Impact City Logistics Project
5.4.1.Delivery drone concepts
5.4.2.Delivery drone concepts
5.4.3.Morphing drones UK
5.4.4.Cargo dropping drone: Zipline Rwanda
5.4.5.Disposable cargo drone USA
5.4.6.DelivAir by Cambridge Consultants
6.1.Technology introduction
6.2.Battery and supercapacitor energy density 2016-2028
6.3.Rapid Li-ion scale-up with rapid change of product spells trouble
6.3.1.So called "safe LFP" Li-ion battery burning in taxi in China
6.3.2.Hoverboard lithium-ion related battery fires 2015 - 2017
6.4.Structural electronics tears up the rule book
6.5.Fuel cell vehicles have problems
6.6.Power electronics becoming more important than batteries
6.7.Peak in overall car sales then peak in electric car sales k globally - goodbye to many things...
6.8.Energy independent LM EVs
6.8.1.People mover and mobility vehicle China, USA
6.8.2.CargoTrike solar UK
6.8.3.Microbus China
6.8.4.Solar Ship helium inflatable Canada
6.9.Energy positive last mile vehicles
6.9.1.Stella Lux car/ van Netherlands
6.9.2.CHJ Micro EV
6.9.3.IFEVS van Italy

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