Sona Dadhania Senior Technology Analyst

Sona Dadhania is a Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, whose work is spread across three focus areas: 3D printing, advanced materials, and sustainability. At IDTechEx, Sona has authored reports spanning numerous innovative topics such as metal additive manufacturing, low-loss materials, and sustainable packaging. She also provides clients with specialized analysis into dynamic technology fields and regularly presents at high impact conferences and trade shows to share her insight with broader audiences.
Prior to arriving at IDTechEx, Sona studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the US and Imperial College London in the UK.
Sona received her B.S.E. degree (Bachelor of Science in Engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Materials Science and Engineering and minored in Engineering Entrepreneurship. In her first year at UPenn, she was awarded the inaugural Science Ambassador Scholarship from Cards Against Humanity, a full-tuition scholarship for a woman pursuing STEM studies. In her last two years, she became extensively interested in the materials science underpinning 3D printing. This led to a senior thesis project on a novel conductive polymer resin to 3D print force sensors for applications in orthopedics and commercial footwear.
To pursue her interest in 3D printing further, she came to Imperial College London in 2019 to earn her M.Sc. in Advanced Materials and Engineering, where she was supported by the Thouron Award, a fully funded fellowship for post-graduate studies in the UK. During her time at Imperial, she extensively researched the 3D printing of a bioactive hybrid material for application in bone implants and cartilage replacements.
Research Field
Sona leads 3D printing research at IDTechEx, extensively studying the markets, materials, and technologies behind the industry. Aside from 3D printing, she is also engaged in advanced materials and sustainability research at IDTechEx.

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