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The Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science, architecture, maritime and other management areas. It was founded in 1829 following a donation by William Chalmers, the director of the Swedish East India Company. He donated part of his fortune for the establishment of an "industrial school". Chalmers was run as a private institution until 1937, when the institute became a state-owned university. In 1994, the school was incorporated under the control of the Swedish Government. Todays, the University includes 13 departments, 8 Areas of Advances and 6 National Competence Centers.
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Chalmers University of Technology
14 Aug 2023

Aerogels 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
13 Apr 2023

Aker Carbon Capture

Aker Carbon Capture ASA is a technology and engineering company focusing solely on carbon capture technologies and related engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. It is part of the Aker group with Aker Horizons being its major shareholder.
13 Dec 2022

Cultured Meat 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report:
19 Sep 2022

Heart Aerospace to Establish New Electric Airplane Industry in Sweden

Swedish electric airplane maker Heart Aerospace announced it will establish the world's first commercial electric aircraft industry at Säve airport, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Heart Aerospace will build sustainable state-of-the-art offices, production and flight test facilities which, together, will form a new campus which will go by the name the Northern Runway.
12 Jul 2022

Autonomous Drone System Could Save Lives at Sea

In recent years, thousands of refugees and migrants have fled across the seas as a result of humanitarian crises around the world. Researchers are now developing a fully autonomous drone system that can increase the efficiency and speed of response in rescue operations at sea.
17 Jun 2022

New Material for Remote-Controlled Medication and Electronic Pills

Biomedicines are produced by living cells and are used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases among other things. One challenge is that the medicines are very expensive to produce, something that limits global access. Now researchers have invented a material that uses electrical signals to capture and release biomolecules. The new and efficient method may have a major impact in the development of biomedicines and pave the way for the development of electronic pills and drug implants.
18 May 2022


Epishine is a Swedish company founded in 2016. The company works on organic PV for indoor wireless electronics. Epishine has recently announced a licensing agreement with the ASCA division of Armor. This profile is based on an interview with the Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development at Epishine, Mattias Josephson.
6 May 2022

2D Experimental Pilot Line to Test Graphene-Based Sensors

The 2D Experimental Pilot Line has launched its first customisable wafer run. As one of five multi-project wafer runs, this first phase targets sensor applications. Companies, universities and research institutes can include their designs as dies on joint wafers, to test their ideas for devices on a larger scale at relatively low costs.
13 Apr 2022

Converting Solar Energy to Electricity on Demand

The researchers behind an energy system that makes it possible to capture solar energy, store it for up to eighteen years and release it when and where it is needed have now taken the system a step further. After previously demonstrating how the energy can be extracted as heat, they have now succeeded in getting the system to produce electricity, by connecting it to a thermoelectric generator. Eventually, the research could lead to self-charging electronics using stored solar energy on demand.
1 Mar 2022

Potential Breakthrough for Production of Superior Battery Technology

Micro supercapacitors could revolutionise the way we use batteries by increasing their lifespan and enabling extremely fast charging. Manufacturers of everything from smartphones to electric cars are therefore investing heavily into research and development of these electronic components. Now, researchers have developed a method that represents a breakthrough for how such supercapacitors can be produced.
30 Aug 2021

Janus Graphene Opens Doors to Sustainable Sodium-Ion Batteries

In the search for sustainable energy storage, researchers present a new concept to fabricate high-performance electrode materials for sodium batteries. It is based on a novel type of graphene to store one of the world's most common and cheap metal ions - sodium. The results show that the capacity can match today's lithium-ion batteries.
20 Aug 2021

Circuitbreakers Based on Graphene Could Safeguard the Electrical Grid

The electrical grid relies on circuitbreakers to protect infrastructure from damage caused by excess current. These circuitbreakers are lubricated using grease, which can stiffen and dry out, threatening the safety of the whole system. To solve this, researchers at the Graphene Flagship have designed maintenance-free circuitbreakers enabled by self-lubricating graphene composites.
14 Jul 2021

New Electronic Paper Displays Brilliant Colours

Imagine sitting out in the sun, reading a digital screen as thin as paper, but seeing the same image quality as if you were indoors. Thanks to research it could soon be a reality. A new type of reflective screen - sometimes described as 'electronic paper' - offers optimal colour display, while using ambient light to keep energy consumption to a minimum.
21 Jun 2021

Plant-Based Meat 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report:
19 May 2021

World First Concept for Rechargeable Cement Based Batteries

Imagine an entire twenty storey concrete building which can store energy like a giant battery. Thanks to unique research such a vision could someday be a reality. Researchers recently published an article outlining a new concept for rechargeable batteries - made of cement.
14 May 2021

New Material Prevents Infections in Wounds

Researchers have developed a new material that prevents infections in wounds - a specially designed hydrogel, that works against all types of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant ones. The new material offers great hope for combating a growing global problem.​
24 Mar 2021

Big Breakthrough for Massless Energy Storage

Researchers have produced a structural battery that performs ten times better than all previous versions. It contains carbon fibre that serves simultaneously as an electrode, conductor, and load-bearing material. Their latest research breakthrough paves the way for essentially 'massless' energy storage in vehicles and other technology.
17 Mar 2021

Electronic Textiles Made With new Cellulose Thread

Electronic textiles offer revolutionary new opportunities in various fields, in particular healthcare. But to be sustainable, they need to be made of renewable materials. A research team now presents a thread made of conductive cellulose, which offers fascinating and practical possibilities for electronic textiles.
24 Nov 2020

Thermoelectrics Get More Attention

A newer approach of serving low power electronics by area more than efficiency is promising.
30 Sep 2020

Mimbly AB Chooses Ynvisible's Energy Efficient Displays

Ynvisible Interactive Inc is pleased to announce that Mimbly Ab has chosen Ynvisible's energy-efficient electrochromic displays as the display solution for its product the Mimbox.