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The Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science, architecture, maritime and other management areas. It was founded in 1829 following a donation by William Chalmers, the director of the Swedish East India Company. He donated part of his fortune for the establishment of an "industrial school". Chalmers was run as a private institution until 1937, when the institute became a state-owned university. In 1994, the school was incorporated under the control of the Swedish Government. Todays, the University includes 13 departments, 8 Areas of Advances and 6 National Competence Centers.
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Chalmers University of Technology
25 May 2020

A Spreadable Way to Stabilise Solid State Batteries

Solid state batteries are of great interest to the electric vehicle industry. Scientists now present a new way of taking this promising concept closer to large-scale application. An interlayer, made of a spreadable, 'butter-like' material helps improve the current density tenfold, while also increasing performance and safety.​​​​​​​​
10 Mar 2020

The Ink of the Future in Printed Electronics

A research group has created an organic material with superb conductivity that doesn't need to be doped. They have achieved this by mixing two polymers with different properties.
25 Dec 2019

Program Targets 50 Percent Receycled Material in New Cells

Northvolt is making swift progress with its blueprint for sustainable battery manufacturing and is positioned to deliver lithium-ion cells to European markets with a minimal environmental footprint.
13 Nov 2019

Smart High Tech

Smart High Tech (SHT) are a company that manufacture advanced thermal interface materials. IDTechEx interviewed Dr Lilei Ye (CEO).
7 Oct 2019

A new concept for more sustainable batteries

A new concept for an aluminium battery has twice the energy density as previous versions, is made of abundant materials, and could lead to reduced production costs and environmental impact.
18 Jul 2019

Window film evens out indoor temperature using solar energy

​A window film with a specially designed molecule could be capable of taking the edge off the worst midday heat and instead distributing it evenly from morning to evening. The molecule has the unique ability to capture energy from the sun's rays and release it later as heat.
8 Jul 2019

3D printing with a wood-based ink

Researchers have succeeded in 3D printing with a wood-based ink in a way that mimics the unique 'ultrastructure' of wood. Their research could revolutionise the manufacturing of green products.
30 Apr 2019

Graphene sponge helps lithium sulphur batteries reach new potential

To meet the demands of an electric future, new battery technologies will be essential. One option is lithium sulphur batteries, which offer a theoretical energy density more than five times that of lithium ion batteries. Researchers recently unveiled a promising breakthrough for this type of battery, using a catholyte with the help of a graphene sponge.
4 Apr 2019

New polymer mixture creates ultra-sensitive heat sensor

Scientists have developed an ultra-sensitive heat sensor that is flexible, transparent and printable. The results have potential for a wide range of applications - from wound healing and electronic skin to smart buildings.
15 Feb 2019

Emissions-free energy system saves heat from the summer sun for winter

A research group has made great, rapid strides towards the development of a specially designed molecule which can store solar energy for later use.
17 Jan 2019

Breakthrough in organic electronics

Researchers have discovered a simple new tweak that could double the efficiency of organic electronics. OLED-displays, plastic-based solar cells and bioelectronics are just some of the technologies that could benefit from their new discovery, which deals with "double-doped" polymers.
9 Oct 2018

Emissions-free energy system saves heat from the summer sun for winter

​A research group has made great, rapid strides towards the development of a specially designed molecule which can store solar energy for later use.
28 May 2018


Oxeon is the market leader in spread tow reinforcements for ultralightweight composite parts, the products are sold under the brand name TeXtreme. Andreas Martsman spoke with technology analyst Dr Richard Collins.
30 Apr 2018

Spikes of graphene can kill bacteria on implants

A tiny layer of graphene flakes becomes a deadly weapon and kills bacteria, stopping infections during procedures such as implant surgery.
11 Apr 2018

New Routes Towards High Energy And Fast-Charging Energy Storage Systems

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
26 Mar 2018

Electric textile lights a lamp when stretched

Researchers have developed a fabric that converts kinetic energy into electric power. The greater the load applied to the textile and the wetter it becomes the more electricity it generates.
20 Dec 2017

IKEA Open Innovation Challenge in Printed Electronics

IKEA has invited a selection of companies to propose innovative ideas and technologies aiming at E-labels and/or Digital Communication Carriers.
6 Nov 2017

Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials

A flexible detector for terahertz frequencies has been developed by researchers using graphene transistors on plastic substrates. It is the first of its kind, and can extend the use of terahertz technology to applications that will require flexible electronics, such as wireless sensor networks and wearable technology.
20 Apr 2017


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Cellink CEO Erik Gatenholm on April 20, 2017. The company focuses on developing a range of bioinks for 3D bioprinting, and also manufactures several 3D bioprinters.
29 Mar 2017

Liquid storage of solar energy - more effective than ever before

Researchers have demonstrated efficient solar energy storage in a chemical liquid. The stored energy can be transported and then released as heat whenever needed.