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Colorado State University, or CSU, is a leading research university with world-class programs in infectious disease, atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, and environmental science. It was founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College, six years before the Colorado Territory became a state. CSU has a long history of solar-energy research. Its photovoltaic programs in Mechanical Engineering and Physics are focused on the development and understanding of thin-film solar cells, and they collaborate closely with a number of companies, laboratories, and other universities throughout the US and abroad.
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Colorado State University
17 Jul 2020

Artificial Muscle Made of Sewing Thread Enables Motion in Soft Robots

Many robotics researchers have turned to designing robots out of soft, compliant materials, for safety, resistance to damage, and better ability to exist in a human-driven world. But advancements in soft robots have been limited by their most important parts ­- what engineers call actuators, or the components that both move and control movement. In humans and animals, our actuators are our muscles, which respond to stimuli, and bend and contract in multiple directions.
5 Nov 2019

Small, Wearable Air Pollution Sensors

Every day, millions of workers head to their jobs and breathe any number of airborne chemicals, particles or vapors, all of which may or may not be affecting their health.
30 May 2019

Selenium improves thin film solar cells

The rows of blue solar panels that dot landscapes and rooftops are typically made out of crystalline silicon, the workhorse semiconductor found in virtually every electronic device.
10 Apr 2019

'Wearable' device captures cancer cells from blood

A prototype wearable device, tested in animal models, can continuously collect live cancer cells directly from a patient's blood.
28 Apr 2016

Nanotube semiconductors well-suited for PV systems

Researchers at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discovered single-walled carbon nanotube semiconductors could be favorable for photovoltaic systems because they can potentially convert sunlight to electricity or fuels without losing much energy.
28 Oct 2015

New foam batteries could transform energy storage

Today's growing need for energy storage drives the requirement for a radical change in battery design and production.
2 May 2012

Natural clothing to harvest solar energy

Researchers are working to develop natural-fiber outdoor clothing that can charge MP3 devices, tablets, computers, GPS units and cell phones.
18 Mar 2009

iTi Corporation appoints John Spiers to Board of Directors

imaging Technology international (iTi) Corporation, has appointed technology innovator and entrepreneur, John Spiers to its Board of Directors.
18 Jun 2008

Practical Information from Basic Solar-Cell Measurments

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