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E Ink is the originator, and commercial leader in ePaper technology. E Ink was spun out of the MIT Media Labs as a startup in Cambridge MA in 2007 and its microencapsulated electrophoretic display technology is now the display of choice for eBook readers and electronic shelf labels, and in increasing use in wearables, signage and IoT. These displays are reflective, fully bistable, and capable of maintaining an image for years with no power. The flexible front planes are coated roll to roll kilometers at a time. Worldwide operations include R&D facilities in the US, Taiwan, and Japan and manufacturing in the US, Taiwan, and China.
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E Ink Holdings
29 Oct 2021

World's First Paper Like Display Certification

E Ink Holdings today announced their "Paper Like Display" certification for E Ink Kaleido Plus, its color ePaper display module, presented by TÜV Rheinland Greater China the international testing, inspection and certification body.
7 Jul 2021


IDTechEx interviewed Srinivas Pattamatta, VP of Business Development at Atmosic. They have developed low power Bluetooth chips with integrated power management systems capable of enabling energy harvesting.
28 Jun 2021


SigmaSense is a relatively early-stage company that has developed an innovative method of extracting data from capacitive touch sensors. Its readout ICs offer far greater sensitivity, enabling capacitive touch sensors to be applied to large area displays, detect gloved fingers, discriminate between fingers and water droplets and more. IDTechEx caught up with marketing director Gary Baum to find out about the latest developments.
26 May 2021

E Ink Launches the World's First On-Cell Touch ePaper Module

E Ink today announced the launch of the world's first On-Cell Touch ePaper module. This new On-Cell touch ePaper module supports both the E Ink Kaleido Plus Print Color technology platform and the E Ink Carta black and white ePaper technology platform.
13 May 2021

Nuclera Acquires E Ink Digital Microfluidics Unit

Nuclera, a fast-growing biotech company developing enzymatic protein and gene synthesis technologies, and E Ink, the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, are pleased to announce the acquisition of E Ink's digital microfluidics unit into the newly formed US subsidiary of Nuclera. Combining the technologies of the two companies will enable the delivery of a revolutionary desktop protein and gene "bioprinter" with breakthrough speed and convenience for researchers in human health, agriculture, and other markets of global importance.
22 Apr 2021

Eco-Friendly Smart Badge with ePaper Display

By integrating IntelliCentrics' technology platform and E Ink's ePaper display technology, healthcare facilities will have the full-service credentialing system they need to ensure the safety of visitors, patients, and the entire community.
21 Apr 2021

Plastic Logic's Colour Display Revolutionises Smart Wearables

Plastic Logic has announced a new flexible 5.4in colour display that is set to revolutionise smart wearable devices.
9 Apr 2021

E Ink Announces Next Generation Four-Color E Ink Spectra 3100

E Ink Holdings announced the launch of four-color E Ink Spectra 3100, a next generation ink platform to support Electronic Shelf Labels and retail signage.
12 Feb 2021

Plastic Logic

27 Jan 2021

DKE Goes "Beyond Expectation" to Invest in Plastic Logic Technology

Plastic Logic has announced a significant investment in its business from DKE Displays, a China-based company specialising in the production of e-paper displays.
12 Jan 2021

SAES Getters (Flexible Electronics)

SAES Getters is an Italian company that supplies advanced materials, with a focus on getters (gas/moisture absorption materials). This profile focuses on their portfolio of materials for printed/flexible electronics.
7 Dec 2020

E Ink and Plastic Logic Provide Small Flexible EPaper Display

Wearables and other applications will benefit from new, innovative flexible color displays
13 Oct 2020

Printing Organic Transistors

High-speed low-power printed transistors could lead to new display technologies. Researchers have successfully printed and demonstrated organic transistors, electronic switches, which can operate close to their theoretical speed limits.
22 Sep 2020


SigmaSense, a US company that has developed an innovative read-out mechanism for capacitive touch sensors that has a much higher signal-to-noise ratio. They announced in September 2020 that they have raised $22m in a Series A round from a range of strategic partners including Corning and Eink.
26 Aug 2020

E Ink and Avalue Announce a Digital Paper Tablet

E Ink Holdings and Avalue announced a Digital Paper tablet that can be optimized for use within a wide array of industrial and educational applications.
3 Aug 2020


14 May 2020

Innolux and E Ink Collaborate on 28 Inch Colour E-Paper

Innolux and E Ink announced their collaboration on large-sized Advanced Color ePaper panels. Innolux is E Ink's first partner to work on the production and sales of large-sized ACeP. With this partnership, both parties will focus on expanding electronic paper products in IoT and Smart City applications.
20 Mar 2020

ReMarkable's Redesigned E-Paper Tablet

reMarkable 2 is the world's thinnest tablet and it features an E Ink display so paper-like it's hard to tell the difference.
13 Jan 2020

E Ink Color Portfolio for Smart Retail, Education and Consumers

E Ink Holdings announced the expansion of its color ePaper offerings to address applications within signage, retail, education and consumer electronics.
1 Oct 2019

Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das and Dr Xiaoxi He