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Immersion Corporation
26 Apr 2021

Immersion Corporation

Presentation by Immersion Corporation
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19 Apr 2021

Immersion Corporation

IDTechEx spoke to John Griffin and Linda Quach, VP Products & Marketing and Director of Marketing respectively at Immersion. They presented their updated corporate deck and we had a wider discussion about the state of the haptics industry and the evolving position of Immersion within it.
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26 Feb 2021

Immersion Announces New Recommended Practice for Broadcasting Haptics

Immersion Corporation announces the latest progress on creating a standard for haptics. This latest development provides a recommended approach for content distributors to add haptic playback capability to mobile apps and expand the distribution of haptic-enhanced content to viewers.
10 Dec 2020

Haptics 2021-2031: Technologies, Market & Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
10 Nov 2020

Immersion Corporation

Immersion are the most prominent patentholder within the haptics space. They were founded in 1993, went public in 1999, and maintain a critical position as a technology licensing player in haptics today. This profile provides a comprehensive overview of their history and their position in 2020.
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4 Jun 2020

Li-ion Battery Recycling: 2020-2040

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
13 Aug 2019

Advanced Wound Care Technologies 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
3 Jul 2019


17 Jan 2019


IDTechEx met with Jamal Soboune, Technical Lead, Research at Immersion. They were demonstrating a solid state button targeted at automotive applications in a demonstration at Nidec's booth at CES 2019.
10 Nov 2017

Tissue Engineering 2018-2028: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
22 Jul 2015

Precision Microdrives

15 Jun 2015

Immersion Corporation

Immersion are aleading company in the haptics space, holding over 1900 patents and spanning over 22 years of experience. This profile release represents a broad update including latest news and financials from FY2015 and early 2016.
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19 May 2014

Artificial Muscle Inc.