Stampede Into 48V Cars: Threat to HEV, PHEV?

Most legacy car makers need 15 years to switch to battery electric without collapsing. To keep their ICE cars legal and desirable, 50 are urgently upgrading them to 48V mild hybrids and many plan 48V full hybrids by a further upgrade. Peak sales $500 billion? Due to a flood of radically new 48V components from GM MODACS to high energy density supercapacitors, e-axles, micro engines and powerful solar roofing, some 48V full hybrid cars may match the performance of many HEVs and PHEVs at sharply lower cost, grabbing share from them. Some new 48V parts may also sell into 10 million 48V BEVs yearly that are not cars.
You can decide based on this summary of the unique new IDTechEx report, "48V Full Hybrid, 48V Mild Hybrid, 48V BEV Cars: Markets, Technology Roadmap 2021-2041".


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop