New Self-healing Materials Save Lives, Money, and the Planet

This webinar is primarily for value-added materials suppliers seeking very large opportunities and prepared to invest for the long term. It shares key parts of the new IDTechEx report, "Self-Healing Materials Markets 2022-2042". This will lead to billion-dollar businesses over the next 20 years. The report explains how materials designed to optimise self-healing properties are essential if we are to save trillions of dollars of expense from premature failure of structures and enable bionic man and woman to live better and longer. Indeed, long-lived products reduce global warming and preserve valuable metals even better than recycling can achieve.
Learn how self-healing construction materials are starting to involve concrete, ceramic, bitumen, asphalt and fiber-reinforced polymers. Understand healthcare needs for self-healing biomaterials and other applications (focus of extensive research now) but also a world of self-healing anticorrosion, antifouling and paint protection surfaces, even self-healing materials for electronic, electric, optical devices, desalination and soft robotics. The webinar explains how this is a world of many materials including a lot of silicon polymers such as geopolymers and silicones. It involves many ionomers, hydrogels, polyurethanes, epoxies and Diels-Alder polymers but much more besides. If your organisation has any of the above interests, this is the webinar for you.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop