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Facility:Innovate is a sister company of The Facility Architects, born from our innovative R&D projects. The devices we develop convert the mechanical movement associated with footsteps or transport vibration into useful electricity. Our energy harvesting initiatives have arisen from years of experience in environmental architecture. This includes constructing an entire building from recycled materials and creating a school building that doesn't require heating.
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25 Nov 2021

Eos Energy Enterprises

Eos Energy are a US company who are commercialising their static zinc-halide batteries.
19 Nov 2021

GM to Celebrate Grand Opening of Factory ZERO

Production is now set to begin at the former Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, less than two years after GM announced the massive $2.2 billion investment to fully renovate the facility to build a variety of all-electric trucks and SUVs.
16 Nov 2021

Nofar Energy Expands the Collaboration with Tesla

Nofar Energy expands further its collaboration with Tesla: the company reported it had entered a second framework agreement with Tesla on purchasing battery stored power systems with a total capacity of 200 megawatts for $54 million.
12 Nov 2021

Liquid Wind

Liquid Wind is a Swedish startup developing carbon-neutral methanol from carbon dioxide emissions and green hydrogen primarily for the shipping sector. In October 2021, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr. Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Liquid Wind's Caroline Halldén (Public Policy, Business Development & Project Management) and Felix Jung (Sustainability & Planning Specialist) at the Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe.
11 Nov 2021


Epishine announced that its organic photovoltaic cells have been incorporated within the commercially available Optiqo QlvrBox, a wireless device for tracking facilities management maintenance schedules. This illustrates the commercial potential for indoor OPV to power IoT devices.
11 Nov 2021

Launch of Optiqo QlvrBox Extended With Epishine's Organic Solar Cells

Epishine and Optiqo have collaborated and this has now resulted in a brand-new version of Optiqo's QlvrBox powered with organic solar cells optimized to harvest indoor lighting that now is available for order worldwide.
11 Nov 2021

Velo3D Expands European Presence with Technical Center in Germany

The expansion includes the opening of a technical center in Augsburg, Germany, where Velo3D's Sapphire systems will be assembled and demonstrated, as well as delivering the first end-to-end manufacturing solution to Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology, a European contract manufacturer specializing in the production of high-value metal parts for the oil and gas industry.
8 Nov 2021

Liquid Hydrogen Bunkering Unit for Fuelling Zero-Emission Ships

Unitrove has unveiled the world's first liquid hydrogen bunkering facility for fuelling zero-emission ships. The unveiling, at the City of Glasgow College's Riverside Campus, is the culmination of months of work.
8 Oct 2021

First Pilot Production Line for Solvent-in-Salt Electrolyte Production

SES Holdings Pte Ltd has established the world's first pilot production line capable of scaling up high-concentration, solvent-in-salt electrolyte production.
6 Oct 2021

New Solar Solutions in Uganda and Sierra Leone

NEoT Offgrid Africa and Winch Energy Limited have invested c. US$12 million in mini-grid projects in Uganda and Sierra Leone, contributing to their global ambition to build the largest portfolio of mini-grids in Sub-Saharan Africa, and reach a portfolio worth US$100 million.
17 Sep 2021


Applus IDIADA is a worldwide leader in the testing, inspection and certification sector. It has a workforce of over 23,000 employees and is active in more than 70 countries. They are currently working on a state of the art testing centre located near Oxford, UK.
25 Aug 2021

Solar Foods

Solar Foods is a Finnish food tech company that produces protein using air-captured carbon dioxide and renewable electricity. In August 2021, Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Solar Foods' Chief Commercial Officer, Shilei Zhang.
19 Aug 2021

Sakuú Corporation Announces Pilot Facility for Solid State Batteries

Sakuu Corporation announced the commencement of its pilot line and learning center. Sakuú's pilot line will have the capability to produce up to 2.5 MWh per year of solid-state batteries and in the future will also serve as a customer learning center for its advanced additive manufacturing platform.
30 Jul 2021

Hyundai Motor and LG Energy Solution to Invest in EV Partnership

Under the MoU, Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solution will invest a total of USD 1.1 billion into the JV to build a battery cell plant in Karawang, Indonesia. The Group and LG Energy Solution will each have a 50 percent ownership stake in the JV. The Indonesian government agrees to offer various incentives and rewards to support the stable operation of the plant.
21 Apr 2021

World's Largest Liquid-Air Energy-Storage Project

The liquid air energy storage plant uses cryogenically-liquefied air as a medium for storing energy. It is especially suitable for special applications that require large amounts of energy over a discharge time of several hours, and enables fluctuating, renewable sources to bear base-loads.
8 Apr 2021

Amazon's Robot Arms Break Ground in Safety, Technology

Inside an Amazon facility, employees and robot work together to ready products for customers. On one side of the building, yellow tote bins bearing partially completed orders, ride down a conveyor. At the end of the conveyor, a robot arm called a palletizer/depalletizer stacks them on a pallet as if playing a three-dimensional game of Tetris.
16 Mar 2021

Wärtsilä to Interconnected Energy Storage Systems for Texas Grid

Wärtsilä will supply its advanced energy storage technology for two major projects in southern Texas, USA. The interconnected stand-alone systems will have a combined rated capacity of 200 MW. Wärtsilä has also signed ten-year guaranteed asset performance agreements for the installations.
19 Feb 2021

Ford Europe Goes All-In on Electric Vehicles

Ford has committed that by mid-2026, 100 percent of Ford's passenger vehicle range in Europe will be zero-emissions capable, all-electric or plug-in hybrid, and will be completely all-electric by 2030.
9 Feb 2021

Wärtsilä's Energy Storage System will Boost Mexico's Wind Power

The technology group Wärtsilä has been contracted to provide a project-critical energy storage system for the 50 MW Eolica Coromuel, S. de R. L Wind Farm in La Paz, Mexico. The Wärtsilä energy storage system is designed to deliver a power output of 10 MW for the operational life of the project.
7 Feb 2021

H-TEC Systems GmbH

H-TEC Systems GmbH is a German company manufacturing Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzers, focused in hydrogen refuelling station application.