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The Facility

Facility:Innovate is a sister company of The Facility Architects, born from our innovative R&D projects. The devices we develop convert the mechanical movement associated with footsteps or transport vibration into useful electricity. Our energy harvesting initiatives have arisen from years of experience in environmental architecture. This includes constructing an entire building from recycled materials and creating a school building that doesn't require heating.
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The Facility
18 Feb

Australia's first compressed air energy storage system

On behalf of the Australian Government, The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has announced $6 million in funding for Australia's first energy storage project using compressed air.
13 Feb

Largest 3D printed rocket engine

Orbex has publicly unveiled its Prime rocket for the first time. Designed to deliver small satellites into Earth's orbit, the rocket is made from a specially-formulated lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium composite and includes the world's largest 3-D printed rocket engine.
7 Feb


Avanzare are one of the oldest and largest graphene producers in Europe, they provide graphene, graphene oxide and pre-dispersed intermediaries. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Dr Julio Gomez Gordon (Director).
7 Feb

Multi-million Pound centre to develop medical technologies using light

The Centre for Process Innovation has held a topping out ceremony to mark the completion of construction work on a new, state-of-the-art facility that will develop next generation light-based healthcare treatments.
5 Feb

Columbia exceeds renewable energy target

Columbia exceeded the target for creating renewable energy and increased by 9 percent from last year. Last year, Columbia's renewable electric supply came from wind (12.34 percent), landfill gas (3.24 percent) and solar (0.12 percent). The total amount supplied in 2017 was 15.70 percent which exceeds the requirement of 5 percent by 10.7 percent.
18 Jan

Wastewater as a source of renewable energy in Belarus

The city of Baranovichi in Belarus has gone "green" by installing the country's first wastewater treatment plant that turns organic waste into renewable energy.
11 Jan

First provider-based 3D printing lab for personalised implants

The top-ranked orthopedic hospital in the U.S. and a leading global medical device manufacturer from Europe announced the formation of the first provider-based additive manufacturing 3D printing facility for custom complex implants.
4 Dec

A new CO2 - negative energy source as an alternative to coal and oil

Using an existing, operational plant in Austria, NextFuel is introducing a completely new solution to climate change that is CO2 negative, cheap and massively scalable. The NextFuel briquette, made from fast growing elephant grass on marginal land, favorably competes with the rising cost of oil and the price of coal in most markets.
29 Nov

Mahindra extends boundaries of electric mobility

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd dedicated to the country its first ever Electric Technology Manufacturing Hub in Karnataka. The new facility is set to revolutionise the way electric vehicle technology would be used in India, under Mahindra's +ME brand.
15 Nov

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2018 Award Winners

At the 15th IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition held in Santa Clara on November 14-15, three organizations were honored for their great achievements in developing and commercializing printed electronics technologies.
14 Nov

ZAF opens state-of-the-art nickel-zinc battery R&D facility

ZAF Energy Systems Inc announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art research and development facility in Bozeman, Montana. ZAF's team of scientists and engineers at the 8,000-square-foot facility are developing advancements in the company's proprietary nickel-zinc battery technologies with an emphasis on continued performance improvements and cost reduction.
6 Nov

E-magy Silicon enhances Lithium Ion Batteries, 50% additional capacity

Dutch tech-company RGS introduces nano sponge silicon that significantly improves the uptake of lithium ions and accommodates swelling during charging cycles.
2 Nov

Toshiba to build production facility for SCiB batteries in Japan

Toshiba Corporation will reinforce production of its SCiBTM lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the construction of a new production facility in Japan.
25 Oct

EU supports breakthrough wind energy technology in Portugal

Portuguese company Windplus will receive a EUR 60 million loan under the InnovFin Energy Demonstration Project programme to install a floating wind farm off the coast of Portugal.
23 Oct

Royal Caribbean to offset emissions with wind power

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd has signed a deal with Southern Power for Southern Power's 200-megawatt Reading Wind Facility. This initiative, which will offset up to 12 percent of Royal Caribbean's emissions beginning in 2020, is one of many programs the cruise line has to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
19 Sep

Ynvisible scales production with new printing line & customer training

Ynvisible Interactive Inc is pleased to announce the opening of a new production and customer training facility. The new sheet-to-sheet production line will enable ynvisible to produce electrochromic devices for orders in the hundreds of thousands of unit per production run for products such as smart labels and Internet of Things devices.
7 Aug

Sharp SmartStorage Energy Storage System Plus Solar installed ILM Tool

Sharp Electronics Corporation's Energy Systems and Services Group announced today that its behind-the-meter SmartStorage energy storage solution was selected to be installed at ILM Tool's 25,000-square-foot machine shop to help offset its growing peak demand usage.
17 Jul

FANUC Corporation

FANUC are a multinational corporation that primarily manufacture factory automation products such as robots. FANUC have a laser business division and specialize in high-power fiber lasers and CO2 lasers.
17 Jul

Amplitude Systemes

Amplitude Systemes are a laser manufacturer that specialize in ultrafast fiber lasers. IDTechEx had a discussion with Amplitude at SPIE Photonics West 2018 (USA).
17 Jul

Mass production of flexible displays at Royole campus

Royole Corporation announced that its massive 1.1-million-square-foot Quasi-G6 Mass Production Campus in Shenzhen, China is up and running for mass production of fully flexible displays.